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Does a Motherboard Matter?



If you are over 40, think back to the early years of your life. What is the biggest change between then and now in our daily lives? It has to be the way we rely on computers, and the rapid development of computer and digital technology. In just a few years the home computer went from being a very basic machine or – for the better models – an expensive and still limited luxury, to an affordable and surprisingly capable device. The rise of the Internet has driven computers into our homes in more ways than could ever have been predicted and this review of the tech trends of the next few years is worth reading for an idea of what’s to come.

In the gaming world things have come on at an amazing rate, and gamers can now build and upgrade their machines with the addition of some very impressive and powerful components. We’re talking about the motherboard here, and why the type of motherboard you choose for your machine really does matter. Gaming machines need to handle large amounts of data very quickly, to deal with graphics more than ably, and to be reliable and powerful. That’s where the X570 motherboard comes into the equation.

What is an X570 Motherboard?

The X570 motherboard is the latest chip set from AMD, one of the most prominent of all tech companies. They support AMD’s latest Ryzen 3000 processors – which are very powerful indeed – and the pair together have rapidly become the choice for gamers. It is not only the gaming world that is heading down this route, as their power and graphics handling makes the X570 popular with designers and creators, as well as anyone looking for the best in speed, bandwidth handling and overall performance.

Put simply, if you want a top-level computer with the ultimate capability you need an X570 motherboard in there. Effectively the X570 replaces the previous X470 series – which did the job this one does – and improves upon it in many ways. Faster and more efficient, it is the board of choice now despite being somewhat more expensive than the previous series.

However, gamers, designers and the sort of people who are building computers for this type of performance – that is beyond your regular business machine – will spend what they can to boost capability, and an X570 motherboard is up there on every shopping list. Is it worth swapping your X470 for an X570, or trading up from a different board?

Do I Need an X570 Motherboard?

There is no doubt the X570 motherboard is an improvement over its direct predecessor, and for gamers it makes a big difference. It is practically unbeatable when paired with the Ryzen 3000 processor set in terms of overall performance and delivers the goods in style. The cost varies from brand to brand – you can find an excellent and informative review of the best X570 motherboards at that link – and you may find that there is one available within your budget.

Are there any downsides to the X570? One that has been noted by reviewers is that it draws quite a lot more power than the X470: 6W for the latter and 11W for the X570 is quite a change. Yet, the performance advantages will outweigh this for most users who are more interested in overall performance, speed, and CPU power.

The computer components market changes often and fast, but for now the X570 is the one to go for so the answer to the title is yes, motherboards do matter if you want to get the very best out of your top-level computer system.

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