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Do Same Brand Games Have Same Odds In Different Online Casinos


As a gambler who wants to play a captivating slot game, you are advised to find a good casino that offers the title you want. While searching for the best casino, you may be asking yourself questions like if different casinos offer similar odds for the same branded games.

In my experience, casinos offer the same odds for the same branded games. This is primarily because these games normally come with “standard” paytables from the software developers. This way, they present the same details in regards to maximum and minimum betting limits, and what different symbols stand for.

It is a move that helps to ensure fair play for everyone who wants to play the game because the casino does not have the power to alter the available odds. Casino operators can, however, customize things such as bonuses they will offer the person who plays a certain game. This is where you can find that if you want to play Fruits Ninja in one casino, you may be offered 100% bonus deposit while in some other casinos you will be given free spins or another bonus that will motivate you to spend more time on the branded game.

To understand this further, it helps to go through valuable beginners guide to casino gambling to get more knowledge on how the odds work for different games. This will especially guide anyone who wants to participate in the live dealer sections of online casinos. Other details that can help out a great deal for anyone who wants to learn more about game odds include:

Knowing How the Slot Machines Operate

RNG or Random Number Generator is one essential element of the slot machines. These are activated as soon as the slot comes to life with their main responsibility being the production of random numbers which happens at an inhuman rate.

The second that you press the spin button on any slot machine, RNG works to determine the final outcome. It is something that also helps to enhance fair play.

The House Competitive Edge

When strategizing about how to win the slots, remember at the back of your mind that there is something known as the house edge even when you are playing online. With slots, it usually ranges from 6-15%. Playing games from reputable providers’ means that you benefit from proper house edge without any exploitation. Playing free slots for fun means that you never have to worry about the house edge.

Slot Machine Odds

Before you start gambling with any online slots, it helps to learn about the slot machine odds. Because there are thousands of variations available, odds for slots machines are normally expressed as payback percentages. Players are advised to play the games that come with the highest paybacks percentages because these increase winning changes. Opt for the ones with 99% or more. Naturally, progressive jackpots can increase payback percentages significantly because the prize money typically increases potential wins. Massive jackpots have more than 100% creating a positive gambling scenario.

Are there Special Strategies to Use?

It is not possible to use a system that will help beat the slot machines. This is especially because of the RNG which implies that spins are independent of each other; thus, there is no way of knowing what to expect next. Just set limits when you are placing wagers and know the time to walk away when you are both winning and losing so that gaming becomes enjoyable instead of an activity that is always stressing you out. Do not fall for myths that do not work when it comes to odds such as:

  • Bet maximum amounts at all times – This will not always work because RNG does not consider the size of the wager. The only time it is advisable to do this is when you are dealing with games that have progressive slots.
  • Patterns are predictable – It is not possible to predict the pattern that will show up next as you spin a modern slot. It is mostly about luck since RNG assures with the computer’s precision.
  • Use hot coins – Some gamers will advise you to use hot coins while others swear by the cold ones. Do not listen to them because the temperature of the coins does not have anything to do with wins or loses. Frankly, you will end up looking like a clown as you try and get the “right” temperature.
  • The Martingale System is solid – This is a betting system which believes that gamblers need to double bets after losing. It states that after winnings, the lost amounts get cancelled Following this and other betting methods out there can make you broke really fast.

Casinos can adjust slots – This is not something that can happen to bring down a player who is on a hot winning streak. While it is true machines can be adjusted it does not happen at the snap of the operators’ fingers.

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