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5 Diy Ways To Soundproof Your House


To reduce noise in your house, you need to ensure impact vibrations are absorbed, reduce any form of vibrations, or prevent leaking of plug sounds. You may soundproof a door with household items including egg trays, carpets, and thick curtains. Doing it yourself saves you money, and it is also not labor-intensive. We will discuss a few ways of soundproofing your home. Remember to incorporate two or more methods. Also ensure you’re using an accurate laser measure when working out wall to wall measurements.

Here are 5 DIY ways to soundproof your house;

#1 Drywall reinforcement

Brick and stone walls are effective in preventing sound. But adding a thick layer of drywall on the walls will enhance the soundproofing properties of the walls. You should add a layer of drywall on the study room walls and kids room to prevent noise. After adding the drywall, you should repaint the walls to complement the overall decor scheme.

#2 Caulk and vinyl

To enhance the effectiveness of drywall, you should try using acoustic caulk in between the walls. The special vinyl with soundproofing properties may also be used between the drywalls. These two materials can absorb noise. By sandwiching caulk, or mass-loaded vinyl, the sound transmission will not be possible thereby reducing noise.

#3 Prevent sound leaks

You can prevent sound leaks by plugging holes and any other gaps to prevent noise. Check on the ceiling fixtures, doors, and windows. In case of any gaps, ensure that you fill them with caulk. Consider weather-stripping doors too. By doing so, you will not only reduce the noise, but it can also help to prevent heat loss, hence keeping your house warm. It will also help to prevent small insects from entering your house. You may use plastic, wooden, or even metal material to weather-strip the door. Check the switch and receptacle boxes too. In case there are any gaps, ensure that you use acoustic caulk to seal the gaps.

#4 Install solid doors

One way through which you can prevent too much noise from outside is by investing in solid doors. Having hollow-core doors will easily transmit noise. You may add a sweep too to prevent airborne noise. It is also good to regularly check the stripping, and change it when necessary. Indoor doors should be made of solid-core wood. It does not only prevent noise from outside, but also from inside. Your kids can play saxophone, or you may blast music as you wish without disturbing the neighbors. Remember you can also paint the doors with soundproof paint. It is a cheaper soundproofing option, and you will not spend a lot of time doing it.

#5 Use of household items

Did u know by simply arranging furniture such as bookshelves, and cabinets along noisy walls can help reduce the noise? You may also add some soundproof curtains on the windows and doors. It is also important to use carpets on the floors to help absorb the echoes and noise. Add vinyl paintings and decorations on the walls too. Painting the walls with soundproof paint also helps to reduce noise.

You can soundproof your house using any of the above methods. You may also use two or more methods to enhance the soundproofing effect.

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