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Digital Printing Helps Build Brand Awareness


Your printed material says a lot about your brand, not only in the text and images included but in its quality. Imagine someone you hope to do business with receiving a letter that has a lacklustre representation of your company logo lodging as an uninspiring subliminal message that your brand may not be as professional, attentive to detail, high quality and technology driven as you maintain.

Digitally printed media is hugely popular because it delivers exceptional results that aid positivity and brand awareness, this gives the ability to reach objectives. Finessing the basics illustrates that your brand is to be taken seriously in the marketplace.

In today’s extremely tough trading conditions it is imperative that every positive tool available is employed so that your customer does not seek a new seemingly attractive solution to their problem or need. Your rivals will thank you for allowing your literature and window displays to let you down but you’ll be kicking yourself. Choose outstanding digital printing and a reputable firm like London’s IPW1 to help you reach out confidently. Check out their website to learn more about them at Their specialists can also guide you through the design process for a complete service.

Digital Printing Benefits

Instant digital printing is accomplished by taking the text and images from a Word or PDF file on a computer and using dry toner machines to print the product. This method differs from offset or litho printing which utilises wet inks and plates therefore it increases the efficiency and reduces the turnaround time. Catalog printing tasks or drying times means that even with a large print run a tight deadline can be achieved. When a short print run is required, again it’s digital printing that provides the cost effective and swift solution.

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The quality is extremely high. Graphics and text are sharp and colours are eye catching and vibrant. The state of the art technology employed also allows use of metallics to heighten appeal.

As the printing takes place personalisation is simply delivered by altering the wording or image on the computer as required. Every item printed can be unique which is hugely beneficial. Data shows that 82% of recipients feel positive when they read customised communications.

Digital printing from computer to paper, acetate and vinyl is common and there is a range of sizes, weights and textures available from leading suppliers. Enjoy a product which you are proud to distribute or display.

A massive attraction besides the high quality printing is its cost. Digital printing is one of the most economic forms of printing on the market because it doesn’t require plates and archived designs are stored on the computer and the cloud..

There is less waste and fewer chemicals are used which has a favourable impact on the environment. Recycled and recyclable, responsibly sourced and sustainable products are used by the best firms for consumers’ peace of mind. Ensure that your brand is associated with products that lower carbon footprints and show that you operate with the planet in mind.

You might not realise that research has shown that 89% of consumers choose and remain with a brand that shares their values. The environment is a key factor in brand selection and decision making. Consumers have stated that they would be happy to pay up to 50% more for a product or service if they knew that the brand was proactively helping the environment or a good cause. Therefore, digital printing can be a focus topic when undertaking cause marketing in traditional and digital formats.

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Print finishing adds to the overall effect and takes a printed item to the next level of aesthetic appeal as it communicates a message of quality, attention to detail and completing tasks to the optimum standard.

From lamination and varnishes to embossing and debossing effects, gilding, foil and paintwork, your printed products have the potential to sell on your behalf, so add panache.

A poor quality print job with no finishing tells someone that there is little focus on finer details and so perhaps the firm and brand aren’t the right choice for them. If the firm’s representative cannot give out a captivating business card, compliments slip or poster then what hope is there for their order?

You wouldn’t willingly take risks with your brand and you use every opportunity to stand out so it’s a wise choice to use digitally printed items to help consumers to discover and feel positive about your brand.

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