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Different Ways To Fax Without Phone Line – By Using Online Faxing Services


If you have gotten rid of landline and suddenly realize that you still need to send and receive faxes, you may be wondering is it even possible? What options do I have? Well, it is possible to send fax without a landline.

In the supremacy of digital technology people might be thinking that fax is now a dead technology but most business organizations still rely on faxing for sending sensitive documents without endangering their security or government offices especially when signatures are required.

Faxing without a landline connects technology –savvy businesses with slow adopters. If your business operates with only a cell phone and internet connection and you want to send fax to an old fax loving office internet faxing can solve your problem.

How internet faxing works:

Big news is you don’t need a fax machine for sending fax through the internet. While traditional faxing works via analogous phone lines, internet faxing works via digital signals. So even if you don’t have a landline you still have a lot of options to send faxes through the internet.

Now let’s explore the different ways you can use to send fax without a phone line. There are both old fashioned ways and advanced online faxing services.

Options to fax without landline:

First option is online faxing services

Online fax services work like virtual fax machines. You just need an internet connection and all the work is done by online fax service without taking much time and space. You don’t need a scanner for scanning your documents. You can simply take pictures through your smartphone and fax them through the internet.

You just need to sign up and start faxing within a few minutes.

You can also receive faxes with these online services. you can either send and receive faxes via web browser or via email. It’s up to you to choose the method of your convenience.

Our recommendation is CocoFax which is one of the best online faxing services

Different features of CocoFax- online faxing service?

CocoFax-online faxing service is fast, convenient and affordable. You must know about the feature of storing documents. CocoFax is the best answer to  how to fax without landline question.

CocoFax ensures the protection of your documents and can send large files of multiple formats. You must know that CocoFax-online faxing service allows you to send and receive faxes via mobile phone.

Most importantly, CocoFax provides an online fax number which is a mandatory thing to send and receive faxes.


Other options:

You can go to some local store like a print or scan shop or mailbox place with a multifunctional fax machine.

Or you can try your luck at a nearby office which still has a fax machine. You can ask the IT department to route the service to your machine, if you own a machine.

CocoFax-different ways to use it:

You can use CocoFax without a landline connection, send and receive fax instantly. You can subscribe to its 30 days free trial and can enjoy sending fax for free. CocoFax has been featured by many international platforms including the New York Times. Forbes, PCMag, TomsGuide, and Life wire.

Once you are subscribed to CocoFax account and have your own fax number you can use it in many ways

You can either use it on your smartphone or PC web browser or by using an email account you already have.

If you do most of your work on your mobile phone you can download the CocoFax android or iOS app.

Supported office365 app also allows you to send fax via CocoFax. Another convenient option is via Google drive. For further information you can click here.

Steps to follow for faxing via CocoFax:

You don’t have to be a tech master to fax with CocoFax. It can send faxes through a web browser as well as email.

Faxing without landline from CocoFax web browser:

Step 1: go to the official website and sign up for CocoFax 30 day’s free trial. First thing in signing up procedure is to choose a fax number. This number is free to use for one month. After that you can make it permanent by upgrading the plan.


Secondly fill in your personal details. Fill that email you want to send and receive faxes from.


Step 2: after signing up CocoFax dashboard will automatically open. Dashboard is like a control panel of a CocoFax virtual fax machine. It keeps the record of all the faxes and ensures their storage.

If you want to send a fax click on the ‘new fax’ option in the top left corner of the dashboard. A new fax composition window will open. You can compose your fax here

Step 3: drafting fax is a lot like composing an email. You must fill in the mandatory fields.

To field: in this field you are required to type the recipient’s fax number. With this number you can send fax to anyone both nationally and internationally.

Subject field: this field is optional. Text of this field appears at the top of the document.

Cover page (optional): it’s the first page of the fax.

Attachment: these are the various documents you want to send. Scan the documents with a scanner or take a picture with your smartphone to make it digital.

Step 4: hit the ‘send’ button after attaching the document. CocoFax will now send the fax for you.


In case the recipient has a fax machine, CocoFax converts fax into analog signals.

On successful delivery you get a confirmation message on dashboard and an email on the provided email address.

If it fails, problems could be with the entered fax number or the recipient’s fax machine like a busy machine or powered-down one.

Receive fax on CocoFax web browser:

If you have CocoFax, incoming faxes will be converted into digital format. They look like emails and you will receive them on the email id you provided or on the CocoFax dashboard.

You can see them on your phone, laptop or your PC.

Send fax with CocoFax via email:

Sending fax via email is similar to sending faxes via CocoFax dashboard.

Sign up for CocoFax account in the same way discussed above and open your email id.


Click on the ‘Compose new email’ option and fill the mandatory fields. Only difference is that in ‘to’ field you have to enter the recipient’s fax number, not email id. This number is followed by ‘’. ”. If your fax number is 12345 then you should add “” in the ‘To’ field. Click on the send button and CocoFax will translate your files and forward them as a fax document.



You don’t need any landline for faxing. You can indeed send and receive fax the same way if you have an internet connection. You just need an online faxing service like CocoFax to act as translator between analog interface and digital interface. CocoFax has all the features you want an online faxing service to have.


CocoFax is instant and reliable. You don’t have to visit any local store or nearby office to send a fax if you don’t have a phone line. Send fax from the comfort of your home.

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