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Different Types Of Game Boosters To Enhance Your PC Gaming Experience


Computer games, which are also referred to as PC games or personal computer games, are a type of video game that is played on a computer system. They are versatile and can be used for both fun and learning.

Playing games is, perhaps, one of the most daunting tasks a computer can perform, and it often requires users to upgrade both their hardware and software to improve their gaming experience. Sometimes the computer is unable to perform as required which might necessitate the use of specific methods such as overclocking and game boosting.


Overclocking refers to the practice of enhancing a processor’s clock speed to enhance its performance. This method of improving a computer’s performance has been in existence for about two decades, and it has become easier to use as a result of an increase in technological development. This means that even a beginner tech geek can perform overclocking.

All computer processors function at a specific clock speed, which determines the speed with which the chip processes instructions. When this clock speed is increased, performance improves, however, it is often at the detriment of efficiency. In essence, the faster the clock speed, the more power is drawn and ultimately, the more heat is generated.

Manufacturers of computer hardware often determine the clock speed of that hardware by considering various criteria such as the price, cooling, and performance of the products produced by their competitors. They set the speed in firmware, rather than hardware, which makes it liable to change.

When you improve a processor’s clock by a particular amount, it results in an almost equivalent improvement rate. For instance, a 10% increase in clock speed will improve the computer’s performance by 10% or a few points short of 10%.

Furthermore, you can also choose to overclock memory. While will not increase its computer performance; it will increase transfer speeds and bandwidth. Note that overclocking memory is an efficient way of boosting gameplay and therefore should not be overlooked.

Different Types Of Game Boosters:

As opposed to overclocking, game boosters are software programs focuses all the resources of your computer on the game you want to play. It also temporarily shuts down all unnecessary functions or applications that are running on your computer, thereby allowing you to focus on playing a game.

In essence, game boosters function by shutting down background tasks, processes, programs, and services that are not required to operate the game. This helps free up the RAM and reduce disk activity as well as CPU load.

Most game boosting programs allow their users to switch between game mode and normal mode easily. Some recognize games and boost them automatically when they are launched, which makes things easier and more comfortable.

Some game boosting programs are:

  1. Smart Game Booster: Smart Game Booster is a game boosting program which aims to provide an improved computer gaming performance through the optimization of computers.

Smart game booster functions as:

  • Overclocking: It helps to overclock a GPU which further improves its performance. When the Nvidia graphic card is overclocked, there is usually a 50% FPS increase. Note that an older graphics car will experience a higher increase in FPS.
  • CPU temp monitor: You should be aware of your GPU temperature while gaming. Smart Game Booster alerts you when the temperature of your GPU becomes higher than the required temperature. This further prevents the hardware from experiencing data loss or other damages.
  • Disk Defrag: Smart game booster deeply analyzes your disks and then defrags them. This results in space being freed up which will enhance the data accessing speed.

Other functions include:

  • Game Booster
  • Game Launcher
  • System Optimizer
  • It also helps to carry out sound test.
  1. Razer Cortex Game Booster
  2. Driver Booster 4 PRO and
  3. Wise Game Booster.
  4. Game Fire 4


Although playing computer games is an exciting experience, there are times when your computer will be unable to run the game as optimally as possible.

When this happens, you may want to enhance its performance through overclocking or game boosting among others. These methods help to ensure that the games perform as excellently as possible.

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