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Different Types Of Car Floor Mats


When you buy your car, that car says something about you. From the exterior to the interior, you picked that car out because you like that style. Whether it’s the leather luxury feel or the minimal buttons in the center dashboard you can pick what you want in different cars. One thing that is not so custom from car to car are the floor mats. Luckily for you, you can easily switch and buy new car floor mats.

Every time you step into your car, you want to be amazed. One of the first things you see are your cars floor mats, especially when it has a unique design. On top of the feet mats, you can even change your cargo trunk mat liners so you have a personalized trunk everytime you open it. If you ever want to personalize your sweet ride without having to touch the exterior like paint, fenders, bumpers, etc. then you want to look into getting new floor mats for your car.

Different Kinds of Car Floor Mats

There are many different types of floor mats you can get for your car. Whether you like it personalized to your taste from the design or you want a custom logo on it, you can choose so many different styles. If you have trouble trying to find a specific style or type, check out the different recommendations we have below.

Custom Leather

Many mats come already pre-made and hopefully it fits your floorboard. You can take the guesswork out. Look out for custom car floor mats if you want something that will look perfectly cut out to your car’s specific floorboard. Companies have a database of pre-recorded measurements of different car floorboards. They use this data to make a cut out of the board.


Carpet mats for your car are definitely not very popular because many people don’t like to use them. However, if you need something that is rough on the soles of your shoes, you want this. Although it seems counterintuitive, they can be good for offroading. They will get dirty quicker but they will be cleaner when you exit the car.


Rubber is very popular when it comes to a place to rest your feet. Rubber is super easy on your feet and they feel very comfortable. Planting your feet on them slowly sinks into the floor mat. The softer the better, depending on your preference. Stock car mats usually come with rubber mats because they are generally cheap and they’re very general.

Universal Transparent Plastic

Transparent plastic car mats are super cheap and widely sold. They are known as the dollar store mats simply because you can find them at your local dollar store. They won’t be your luxury style that you go after if you want to spruce up your car. This will be something you throw in to protect the stock mats to keep from cleaning your car over and over.

Universal floor mats are great because they can be used to just throw in your car at the last minute. You can also change it from car to car and it will still fit. It won’t be a snug fit and most of the sides will be open to getting dirty.

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