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Difference Between Herbal Vape And Dab Pen


Vaping and dabbing have become two of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis today. Although both methods are healthier compared to the traditional methods, they have their differences and can be quite confusing for newbies in the smoking community. However, you don’t need to be a scientist to know the difference between vaping and smoking.

While dry herbs are consumed with herbal vaporizers, concentrated cannabis such as waxes and oils are consumed with dab pens. Let’s compare both vaping units to understand how they differ.

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Weed vape pens or herbal vapes are vaping devices designed for the consumption of weed, different herbs or even hemp flower. A dry herb vape takes different shapes and sizes. The bigger ones are called desktop vaporizers; then there is the portable ones and the very compact ones known as vape pens.

A typical herbal vape comes with an oven (heating chamber) and mouthpiece. It is usually powered with battery (for portable vapes and vape pens) or plugged directly to a power source (for desktop vapes).

Herbal vaporizers are pretty easy to use. You just have to load the chamber with your finely ground herb, and turn on the device. The power source then heats the chamber in the unit, which helps to transform the dry flowers into vapors (without burning them), which you can inhale using the mouthpiece.


Less Consumption

With a dry herb vaporizer, you tend to consume less amount of weed compared to the traditional smoking method. Since herbal vaporizers don’t produce fire, your herbs last longer and become semi-brown once you finish vaping the content in the bowl.

Temperature Controlled

A major downside of smoking is not having enough control over how your weed burns. But vaporizers come with temperature control systems that allow you to decide how fast or how slow you want to consume your herbs. You could be on a train and choose to reduce the temperature to the lowest settings, and you will still enjoy a nice vaping session while maintaining discreteness. And at other times, you can decide to go very high to get thicker vapors.

You also get less resin forming around your chamber with a vape. Residue of heated herbs can build up rather quickly if you’re smoking but vaping helps cut that down.

Less Smell

Offensive smell is often the aftermath of smoking pot. And the odor sticks for a really long time! Once you finish smoking, anyone can easily tell judging from the smell. However, with dry herb vaporizers, no fire, no smoke, no smell! What you get from herbal vapes is vapors, meaning you can have a good time with your herbs without a stinky smell sticking to your body and clothes.

What is a Dab Pen?

When it comes to vape, dab pens are among the most used devices that get the job done. Dab pens, also known as wax pens or concentrate pens are devices specifically designed for consuming concentrated doses of cannabis.

They usually come with atomizers, battery-powered heating coils, and a mouthpiece that connects you to the rich vapor.

The closest thing you can get to a wax vape that is directly related to concentrates is a dab rig. The dab rig is a very important thing in the dab pen.



Both smell and appearance in vape pens make them extremely discreet. The vapor has no odor and evaporates almost instantly. So if you’re a big fan of discreetly feeding your cannabis appetite in public, a dab pen will always have your back because it is also pocket-friendly and can be easily hidden in plain sight. THC oil vape pens don’t even smell and will sometimes even smell surprisingly good.


A major advantage of vaporizer pens is their small, slender, and portable nature. They can fit right into your pocket making it easy to be carried anywhere without anyone even having an idea. Just like a little writing pen!

Health Friendly

For something so small, the health benefits they provide could seem too good to be true! A vape pen converts 45% of THC compared to the regular smoking method which converts only 25%. The smoke inhaled from smoking weed can irritate the lungs and lead to chronic bronchitis, but vaporizers heat the content at a lower temperature producing an inhalable vapor, which contains the active ingredients devoid of the harmful by-products.

Major Differences

Battery Sizes

Both herbal vapes and dab pens differ in their battery structure. The slim and slender nature of the dab pen offers the advantage of portability but cuts down the size of the battery. Usually, the large batteries are between 800-1000 mAh. A larger battery would definitely not fit, so it has to be charged regularly if you are a heavy user.

The herbal vaporizer, on the other hand, is built in a much bigger form than the dab pen giving it extra room to house a bigger battery. Some new, advanced dry herb vapes come with a massive 2200 mAh battery.

If you’re a heavy vape user, it’s a good idea to buy a unit that can last for a while before it requires another charge or even better to go for a device with a removable battery – this way you can own multiple cells.

Temperature Control

Almost all the new herbal vapes in the market today come with temperature control systems. This has become very necessary as it gives users more control over how the vaporizers heat their herbs. These devices come with more than one temperature settings that let you select a preferred temperature

Wax pens, on the other hand, are not big fans of temperature control systems; instead, most of the new dab pens on the market feature variable heat settings.


The chamber or coil is the heart of every vaporizer because it would determine how smooth your vaping experience would be.

Dry herb vaporizers feature heating chambers (also called oven or bowl). The chamber is the part of the unit that accommodates the dry flowers. Herbal vapes mostly feature ceramic blows, and they could come with convection or conduction heating systems, but a few vapes are hybrid (using both convection and conduction methods).

Concentrate vape pens use atomizers and coils, and the coil is usually found in the atomizer. You are likely going to change your coils from time to time because they will get burnt as you continue to use them.

Aside from getting burnt, residues can build up inside the coils, and this can give you a bad taste during dabs. The best way to avoid having such an experience is to replace the coil. When you do, it will feel like you’ve got a new wax pen.

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