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Debunking the Most Common TikTok Marketing Myths That Exist Today


Are you hesitant to market on TikTok? This new platform has gained so much popularity and is used by billions making it a great place to market your brand and create killer content.

Many think that TikTok is not the right marketing platform for them for various different reasons, however, these reasons may be false and may be keeping you from taking advantage of this modern marketing tool. To learn more about some of the most common TikTok marketing myths, keep reading. Find out why this platform may be the best one for you with this quick guide.

TikTok is Only for Young People 

One of the most common myths that many think about TikTok is that its a platform exclusively for young people. While the platform did gain mass popularity among young generations, mainly Generation Z and Millenials, this platform is popular among those of all ages. In reality, over 67% percent of TikTok users are actually over the age of 25.

This means that there is a whole marketing opportunity both for reaching younger generations and older on this platform, making it a smart marketing tool for brands and businesses. This can be a great innovative marketing effort for businesses of all sizes and types.

TikTok is for Funny and Lighthearted Content Only 

Many brands neglect to prioritize TikTok when creating their social media marketing strategies because they either don’t know how to market on TikTok or do not think their content would do well on this platform because it’s not humorous. While it is true that comedic and entertaining content does do well on this platform and is in high demand, it is not the only kind of content that gets high levels of shares and engagement. Many share educational, promotional, or more serious content on this platform and do quite well in terms of engagement and followings as well.

TikTok is working to collaborate more with eCommerce websites, educational organizations, and brands to offer them marketing opportunities and insights on their platform. This allows brands to better track their data and analytics on this site for optimized success. TikTok users have a wide range of interests and if you find a niche that is in need of your content and you create quality content, you can expect to do well on this platform.

It’s Hard for Businesses to Grow an Audience on TikTok 

Many feel that TikTok is not a realistic platform for their marketing efforts because it will be too difficult to see results. However, like any other social media platform, as long as you create great content on a consistent basis, you can grow a steady following. For some great TikTok video ideas, head to the link.

TikTok Marketing Myths Debunked 

If any of these myths are keeping you from exploring TikTok marketing for your brand, think again and see how TikTok can help you market your brands to a whole new audience.

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