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The Ultimate Data Center Relocation Checklist


There could be many reasons why businesses and companies would need to relocate their data center. It could be that the company is getting bigger and their old servers can no longer serve the present needs of the company. Or maybe they would need to up their security or get a better backup for their data. Whatever the reason is for migrating a company’s data, certain measures must be taken to ensure that it is done correctly.

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The process itself can be complex and there are times when it actually fails. In order to avoid that try reading through the checklist below if you are considering a relocation of your company’s data center.

1. Make an inventory of everything involved in the relocation – it is important that you have an accurate inventory of everything involved in your data migration. From the applications that will be used, the storage and all else that will fall under data migration.

2. Identify possible issues that could surface – it’s important that your objectives are clearly defined. When planning for data relocation, check to make sure that the deadline you have set can be attained. Make sure that the budget is also enough. If your own team members are doing the data relocation, make sure they possess the right skills to go through with the project.

3. If hiring a company, make sure they are reliable – if your own team will not do the migration, you can get companies that make a living out of relocating a data center. But it is important that you make sure that they are reliable. First, you must know that relocation takes time and you need to anticipate how much this downtime will affect your business or your company. Even if it is just an hour or even a few minutes, it might be a cause of concern for your company. Check to make sure that the company can provide a system backup option in case there comes a time that the system will be down.

4. Check if the company can offer expansions in the future – any business owner or company CEO desire that their company will grow more and more each passing year. Anticipate if your company will need certain customizations in the future and find out if your system can allow that. It would also be good if the company has consultants available in case you will have questions about the data relocation and the like.

Data Center Relocation Checklist

5. Find out about the security and maintenance measures that the company provides – there’s no denying that companies should always protect their data, especially sensitive ones. Establish the security requirements that your company will need and ask your prospective data relocation provider if they can meet those requirements. You also need to establish the level of support that you will require from your provider after the migration has happened.

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to relocate data, what’s important is that you take your time in planning so that everything about the process will go smoothly.

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