Cyber Security Career Road Map 2022

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cyber security career road map

The rapid advancement of computer technology is proving to be a wonderful convenience for everyone, as their activities are being done efficiently. Safety and security, on the other hand, remain major concerns. As we get increasingly immersed in the digitalized internet world, the first thing on everyone’s mind is protecting the system and critical information. As a result, cyber security specialists are becoming increasingly in demand.

Every industry is looking for ways to keep its systems safe from unauthorized parties, and they’re turning to security experts for help. In these times, pursuing a career in cyber security is a smart decision. Security professionals will be needed not just now but also in the years ahead since safety and security will never be taken lightly.

Here we will characterize a list of opportunities available in the information technology sector. Since every job is attained by following a thorough career map, let’s explore the cyber security career road plan 2022

Security Analyst

Attention to detail prevents the system from completely collapsing due to information leakage. From the beginning, it’s critical to examine each component of the system to ensure there are no flaws that may allow hackers to access sensitive information. As a solution, businesses plan to recruit system analysts. They are in charge of determining the fundamental causes of any security and safety issues and then providing an acceptable fix. They pass up comprehensive reports to top management from time to time so that they can comprehend how everything operates.

This job is regarded as one of the greatest in information technology. Because it is so valuable, one can think about preparing oneself by obtaining educational degrees that will assist them in honing their capabilities. To prepare for this role, you can pursue an online master’s in cybersecurity with a prior IT degree.

Security Engineer/Architect

The ability to do research is the first requirement for a security engineer or architect. They need to stay updated about the latest developments since their job description states that they have to construct the entire system to be ready to drive back any threats. A security architect must extensively investigate the whole network system and look for weak places, which must then be addressed. They work to determine the risk rate and then devise a plan for mitigating it. This role necessitates as much prior experience as possible.

These professionals must be familiar with all operating systems, the software, hardware features, and wireless and wired security measures. A typical day in the life of a security architect sounds like working with other IT executives. They stand out in their profession because of their strong communication skills and capacity to display leadership quality when necessary.

Security Consultant

With technology advancing rapidly, companies seek to collaborate with experts that can assist them in safeguarding their systems. A security consultant communicates directly with all departments of an organization, not just IT. They are the ones who must have a significant amount of knowledge to fully comprehend network systems, programs, hardware, and many supporting testing tools. A typical security consultant’s job includes running tests to look for flaws in the entire system and then presenting their recommendations.

A security consultant advises all departments to understand security and safety principles and discuss regulations to maintain a secure environment. They determine the best solutions for a company’s security difficulties and concerns by learning about the areas of projects being done in the company.

Ethical Hacker

By the name itself, one may guess that experts in this position stress test the system’s defenses and identify gaps that need to be filled. Their role is to perform tests to see if authorized access is easy to get or not and then give over the findings to continue working on making the system secure based on the results. They establish the company’s security requirements, so they need to be up to date on any industry updates. They outline the demands of every security and safety participant, from hardware to software.

Analytical and problem-solving abilities are crucial characteristics of an ideal ethical hacker. They must be able to pay attention to every small detail because they will be studying a large amount of sensitive data in a single day. Aside from that, their employment requires them to operate under pressure and devise measures and standards of procedure (SOP) in case of a cyber-attack.

Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the executive position in the cybersecurity career path. They are in charge of a company’s security and safety operations. A CISO’s job includes evaluating and aiding security initiatives during challenging circumstances and arranging meetings according to the demands. They are the team’s leaders and advisors, and they are responsible for bringing out the best in each team member.

One of the qualities of a chief information officer is that they should be one of its most trusted individuals. They will have access to all delicate information, and they will be responsible for maintaining it safe and secure against viruses and illegal access. They also come with a good remuneration package because it’s an executive role. Overall, they assess the risks and devise measures to mitigate them.


There’s no denying that cyber security is a subject where a combination of useful abilities outweighs the number of degrees earned. As a result, a bachelor’s degree is not necessary to work in this sector most of the time. With a few certifications and the correct skillsets, one may immediately land a decent first job. It’s all about trust in this profession. With their personal information, people place their confidence in security specialists. And one may demonstrate their trustworthiness by showcasing how well they comply with regulations and behave in challenging circumstances. In the end, it all comes down to how determined you are to advance your career. Your commitment is what propels you to the top of the corporate ladder.

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