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Cutting Out Photo Background With Movavi Photo Editor


Have you ever snapped a photo where the subject was close to perfect, but the background left a lot to be desired? Or maybe even if there isn’t any problem with the background you would like to be able to remove it nonetheless so that you could set the subject against a different background, or even make it transparent?

As you can see, there are numerous situations in which you will want to be able to ‘cut out’ the background of your photos. While at first, it may seem difficult to select the background and remove it while leaving the subject untouched, with Movavi Photo Editor it is actually quite simple.

Cutting Out Photo Background With Movavi Photo Editor

In fact, within Movavi Photo Editor you’ll find a tab labelled ‘Background Removal’ that contains all the tools you need to remove background from image. More specifically you’ll find two brushes, one of which is red you can use to select the background by painting over it. The other green brush can be used to select the subject that you want to keep by painting over it as well.

How to Cut Out the Photo Background with Movavi Photo Editor:-

When you are done painting over both the subject and the background, a yellow line will appear that delineates your selection. Assuming it fits properly, Movavi Photo Editor will then let you remove the background with a single click – making it transparent in the process.

Movavi Photo Editor

If you want to save it at that point, you can, and assuming you select a format that supports transparent backgrounds it will remain transparent. On the other hand, if you want to set your subject against a different background Movavi Photo Editor will let you select any image to use.

As you can see it is an intuitive process and because of how easy it is to select and remove the background you should have little or no issues. If at any point you would like to remove your selection and start over you should be able to find an eraser tool in Movavi Photo Editor that will let you do so.

Before you save your photo, you should also consider using the other features in Movavi Photo Editor to enhance it, apply filters, insert captions, transform the frame, and so on. By experimenting with them, you’ll find that you’re able to craft some amazing photos – all that is needed is a bit of creativity to do so.

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