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A Cubby House is Beneficial for Both Parent and Child


It’s a good idea to encourage your little one to play outside because it is great for his or her overall health. For instance, eye specialists confirm that spending more time outdoors can help reduce the risk of myopia in kids. Also known as shortsightedness, myopia is a visual impairment type that is becoming more and more common these days. One way to encourage your child to play outside the home more is by installing a cubby house in the yard.

The best place to install a cubby is where you can easily see it, preferably from where you spend most of your time while inside the home. It’s also a good idea to position it at a slight angle so that your child may have a feeling of privacy while playing in it.

Just because a cubby is for accommodating and entertaining a youngster doesn’t mean that it is only your little one that can benefit from its presence. The truth is that both parent and child have some perks to enjoy from having one just outside the home. A kid can see it as his or her own miniature house that’s all his or her own. A parent, on the other hand, can consider it as a wise investment because both parties can take advantage of it.

Here are some of the reasons why both parents and children can benefit from a cubby house:

Promotes Less Time in Front of the TV

It’s no secret that today’s TV is full of violence and others that are not good for kids. Buying a cubby is a great way to keep your child from spending lots of time gawking at the television screen and encourage him or her to devote some time to get more sun and fresh air, both of which are health-giving.

Because the TV doesn’t have to be on all the time, your household’s monthly utility bills can drop. Such is good for the pocket of any budget-conscious parent.

Encourages Imaginative Play

As the name suggests, imaginative play is when kids are role-playing, which involves using the imagination and acting out personal experiences or things that interest them. It may seem so simple, but experts agree that imaginative play is beneficial for children. That’s because it helps develop their emotional and thinking skills.

Spending some time inside a cubby can also help your child develop his or her social skills; this is especially true if he or she invites some friends over.

Gives a Parent Enough Me-Time

Do you work from Monday to Friday? Then like most working parents, all you probably want during the weekends is some peace and quiet inside the home. Well, you can have the home all to yourself while your little one is in his or her cubby outside. Especially if you had a long and tiring work week, you could benefit a lot from having a “me time.”

Once you are happy with your “me time,” it’s a fantastic idea to join your child outside; this lets you bond with him or her, and also allows you to get your dose of vitamin D from the sun.

Before You Shop for a Cubby

Installing a cubby house is beneficial for you and, most especially, your youngster. Go for one that matches your child’s personality and preferences, and the two of you will enjoy some perks from it equally.

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