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CS:GO Hits New Player Record at 417,149 This Year


It’s has been a wild week for CS:GO which just hit its highest average player count over the last 30 days. Steam Charts has reported great numbers for Valve’s award-winning competitive shooter with over 417,149 players logging all at once.

Players Going Up!

The present number completely beat the previous best when 400,000 players were recorded to play simultaneously in August. And the reason behind that? The StarLadder Berlin Major which helped excite interest around the game and build a solid interest in CS:GO betting on matches.

While the game definitely doesn’t have the same level of attention Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL) get, CS:GO has remained one of the most hardcore competitive titles presently. Naturally, players love to bet on CS:GO as this has become one of the essential parts of the experience.

This is also pretty much what has been happening in mainstream sports where sports fans are far more likely to have a bet open on a game if they are watching it and vice versa. Admittedly, Valve’s popular shooter doesn’t really cut as high as other esports – or even sports titles for that matter – and the game has a lot of catching up to do.

For example, the last 30-day player count record was set in April 2016 when 850,485 people logged to play the game. That was a fantastic number by any stretch and it was occasioned by Luminosity winning their first CS:GO Major.

Looking Good for CS:GO

Apparently, Luminosity conquering MLG Columbus has occasioned huge interest for one of the oldest shooters out there. Websites offering betting CS:GO options had a field day, raking in some very serious total handle.

Today, the shooter remains one of the defining genres. Valve have not let go and they continue to introduce regular updates and attempt to revitalize the game. The company even made their game free earlier this year, a move that miffed some of the community members.

Overall, however, Counter-Strike is a game that has been out there for some 20 years, which definitely goes to show how much efforts have been put into developing the product. Instead of just giving up on the game, and re-focusing on new projects – as many companies out there do – Valve have stuck to its guns. Quite literally!

The recent 417,149 simultaneous players isn’t many, but it definitely shows that CS:GO can excite interest time and again. If you want to get started with Counter-Strike check out these gaming laptops for CS:GO.

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