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Creating Quality Instagram Content to Engage Followers



You have probably heard that content is king, but engagement is queen, and the lady rules the house.

Well, when it comes to Instagram, this statement holds very true.

To succeed on Instagram, you need more than an account whose captions are stuffed with hashtags that exceed the Instagram character limit.

You need quality content that you can use to engage your followers consistently. Such content is crucial when it comes to building valuable connections and relationships on any social media site. This is also the kind of content that helps you get more followers on Instagram and converts them to loyal customers.

So, how do you source content that gets you seen, heard, and known on Instagram?

Well, scroll on to learn more.

1. Appeal to Your Audience

Instagram, just like other social media platforms, is awash with all kinds of audiences. And it’s good to know that your content won’t appeal to everyone. This is why you need to focus on attracting and gaining the right followers. After all, an audience that is genuinely interested in your brand will remain loyal.

The key to appealing to the right followers is to understand what they are looking for. Some of the ways you can use to understand your audience needs include:

  •         Check your competitors’ followers
  •         Use Instagram analytics to get the demographic data of your followers
  •         Social listening can help you know what your followers are talking about
  •         Use Instagram polls to ask questions that can help you understand your followers’ pain points
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After you know what your target audience is looking for, you can now tailor your content to meet their expectations.

2. Pair Your Photos with a Story

Nothing makes your images memorable as a story. Rather than just sharing random photos, pair them with compelling stories. Post a narrative that your audience can relate to and ensure the story also appeals to your audience’s emotions.

When you share such stories, it shows your followers that you’re more than just a business.

3. Mix Up Your Content Mediums

An excellent way to appeal to a variety of customers is to mix up your content mediums.

As an Instagram user, you have a variety of mediums you can use. For instance, you can post images, create GIFs, use Instagram stories, post videos, or use the carousel to share multiple images at a go.

Varying your content themes will keep your feed balanced, and you’ll cater to the different kinds of followers on your page. Mixing up the content formats also encourages engagement from your audience.

4. Make Use of User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is content that has been created by a customer that also refers to your product or brand.

UGC provides you with fresh and creative content from your community. Such content also drives engagement as it gives real users the chance to tell their stories. Research from Crowdtap also records that users trust UGC 50% more compared to other content types.

Here are ways you encourage your followers to share more user-generated content with you.

  • Start a hashtag trend and encourage your audience to show off their content related to the hashtag.
  • Ask a question and let your followers share their answers, and tag you.
  • Run a user-generated competition where users can win something for creating content related to your brand.
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5. Go With the Trend

Capitalizing on an ongoing trend when creating content can see you get more engagement. Knowing what is trending and using this in your content ensures that you also remain relevant.

Besides, adding a trending topic to your content also injects some fun to your page, especially if the trend is something quirky.

You can also include season’s topics or popular events that may be taking place worldwide to add some life to your content.

In closing, it’s possible to keep your audience engaged on Instagram. The secret is to create quality content that builds a conversation. Whether you just set up your Instagram account or you’re already a veteran on the platform, try to use these tips and see your engagement soar.

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