How To Create Folder Without Name In Computer

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We created many folders In our computer, But have you ever tried to create folder without name “Nameless Folder”. A Folder without name but it can store your data.

yes.! you can create a folder without name In Windows.

In this article I will show you, How To Remove a Folder name, and Create a Nameless Folder in Computer’s Windows. This trick is very Interesting and old but It is working properly. So Let’s create a Nameless Folder.

Create Folder Without Name

It is very easy process to create a folder without name. To create a Nameless Folder, follow these simple steps :-

Step 1. Firstly, Turn your PC/Laptop On.

Step 2. Now Right Click on Desktop [ Or go to any directory where you want to create a folder ]

Step 3. After Right click, In the menu select New and then Click on Folder.


Select any Folder in the directory which you want to Make Nameless Folder or Remove Folder Name, Right Click on that Folder and Choose Rename.

Step 4. Now the Name Field is highlighted which you need to rename or make a folder without name. Just delete the highlighted words by pressing the Del or Delete button.

Step 5. It is Very Important and the main step to create a folder without name. Press and hold the Alt button from keyboard and then In the NUM keypad, Turn Num Look ON and Press 255.

Step 6. Now you can release the Alt button and click on Enter.

Step 7. Congrats, you’r done ! Now you can see your folder is nameless, you’r created or renamed a folder without name.

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So these are simple and easy steps to make a nameless folder, everyone can follow it and able to create a folder without name. To complete this action there is one more list available. To create a nameless folder and remove the folder name follow these mentioned steps below.

  • In the PC/Laptop create a New Folder anywhere.
  • Press and hold the Alt button.
  • While holding the Alt key, In the Num Keypad press 0160.

This is the other method to make a Nameless folder. Both are same but using any of them you can easily create folder without name.

Note :- This trick is only work when the digit words can be typed in the Num Keypad. If you type the code 255 or 0160 in Qwerty keyboard then you can’t make a nameless folder, Instead of that you are make a folder again and again with the name of New Folder (2) and New Folder (3).

Now you are thinking about How to create two or more than two folders without name in same directory, then what you need for it.?

you need to do this process two times, I will show you to how make more then two folders in same directory.

  • Create or rename a folder and deleted its name by pressing Del button.
  • Press and hold Alt button and In the Num keypad Press 0160.
  • Now release the Alt button [ Not Press Enter ]
  • again press and hold Alt button and type 0160.
  • Now Press Enter.
  • Done, you created two folders without name in same directory, you can repeat this process for create many nameless folder into the same directory.
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So, These are simple steps to create folder without name and also add more then two folder in same directory without any folder name. If you enjoyed this article and liked it then share it with your friend on social media or If you face any problem regard this topic then must comment In below Comment section, We Love to hear you.

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