A Couple Of Things To Know About The PCR Cabinet

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couple of things to know about pcr cabinets

A PCR workstation, also known as a PCR cabinet, is a laminar flow cabinet that has been modified for use with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) apparatus. Protect your experiment against airborne contaminants with this downdraft filtration system. An ultraviolet (UV) lamp is standard equipment in PCR cabinets; it is used to sterilize the cabinet between PCR cycles by destroying any lingering RNA or DNA. Find out more on this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymerase_chain_reaction.

Researchers can benefit from using either laminar flow or dead air PCR workstations or PCR hoods, depending on their preferred method of background and cross-contamination control.

PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet

Provides the highest level of protection possible against sample contamination by combining a clean air environment created by HEPA filtration with scheduled UV light sterilizing. When the bi-fold sash is raised, the UV light is turned off, and the blower is activated.

Dead Air Box

It is an atmosphere with no air circulation that is sterilized using ultraviolet light. This apparatus features a UV lamp that can be set to a timer, allowing for sterilization in between cycles of amplification. When the sash is raised, an exposure to ultraviolet radiation is prevented thanks to a safety interlock mechanism.

Each PCR workstation has been meticulously developed to cater to a particular set of requirements and has been rigorously tested to ensure its quality. The development of standard features, alternatives, and accessories all has the overarching goal of making the product easier to use. Click on this page for more.

What distinguishes a vertical laminar flow cabinet from a polymerase chain reaction cabinet?

In general, a PCR cabinet is basically like a vertical laminar flow cabinet, except with these modifications:

PCR does not necessitate a tall person. In fact, pipetting is the principal manipulation involved in PCR, and it is performed at work surface height.

Designed to facilitate rapid UV decontamination. Destroying RNA and DNA with UV light is a reliable method of decontamination. That’s why it’s helpful to have a fast way to turn on the UV lamp in between PCR cycles. The sash window must always be locked throughout the UV disinfection process. The sash window on a PCR cabinet is hinged so that it may be securely shut when not in use. The UV lamp used in the sterilization process is turned on whenever the sash window is closed.

PCR cabinets don’t have electrical outlets or anything else that wouldn’t hold up well under constant, repeated exposure to UV light.

Additionally, a shelf near the UV lamp is frequently included in PCR cabinets. Pipettes can be sterilized by placing them on the shelf.

When comparing a PCR cabinet and a Dead Air Box, what are the key differences?

Both kinds of disinfecting cabinets feature UV lamps and are designed for easy activation. The downflow of filtered air in a PCR cabinet as well as PCR workstation prevents environmental contamination during the experiment. This is not present in a chamber devoid of air. A lifeless airbox is nothing more than a cabinet with a UV lamp, therefore it won’t protect your experiment from contaminants in the air if you leave the cabinet’s door open.

The most sensitive detection of DNA/RNA segments requires a contamination-free environment, which is provided by PCR workstation enclosures. The safety glass sash is commonly used in laboratories because it allows operators the best possible visibility when magnifying cellular components.

To ensure that no particles that could affect the results are present, the air quality is maintained (either naturally or with the use of circulators and filters). When not in use, the PCR workstation containers automatically release a burst of powerful ultraviolet radiation.

Functions and advantages of a PCR workstation

First of all, the PCR cabinet creates a clean environment for performing aseptic procedures. It also has an Ebm-papst EC blower with high efficiency.

Another interesting benefits of this workstation is that it has LED lights. They are a great way to save energy without sacrificing brightness. Not only that, but it also offers HEPA-filtered, vertically-flowing laminar airflow.

Featuring a UV-absorbing polycarbonate body and a germicidal UV lamp for disinfection in any direction, this lantern has excellent all-around visibility.

You should also know that PCR cabinets come in three sizes and a wide range of configurations. Last, but not least, whether used on a desktop or a base stand/mobile cart, it is built for versatility.

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