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Cost-Effective Methods To Advertise Your Business In The Digital Space


As social networking websites and digital media create fresh disruptions to the existing traditional advertising channels, businesses are changing the way they market their brands.

This article discusses the benefits of marketing your business online and lists the top-5 cost-effective methods that can take your business to the next level without taking a dig at your bottom-line.

Benefits of Digital Advertising

Advertising your business on the digital space can offer you the following benefits:

1. It is cheaper than traditional advertising.

2. You are in full control of your advertising budget.

3. Even a newly formed company can make it big in the digital world. It all depends on the advertising strategy.

4. Through digital advertising, you get tangible proof of customer engagement.

5. Changing your advertising strategy is easy. Identify if something is not working, rework, and take it live again. All of these take a few minutes to a day at the most.

Top 5 Cost-Effective Methods to Advertise Your Business

1. Promote Your Business Through Blogs

As the saying goes, ‘Content is King.’ Prepare blogs on various topics, which will draw the internet audience towards your website. Once the digital footfall increases, it will be easier for you to push through relevant products and services.

Although promoting your business through blogs is easy and cost-effective, if often takes a long time to make any visible impact on your brand visibility.

2. Send Emails Directly to Customers

Once you get your hands on the email addresses of potential customers, create an attractive sales copy to add to on to their existing knowledge about a product or service.

Although email marketing is one of the best ways to convert readers into customers, it is also the most exploited. Almost every individual on earth has quite a few thousand emails in their spam folders, which they rarely check. To avoid getting junked up in that folder requires specialized skills.

3. Engage a Search Engine Optimization Expert to Boost Your Business’ Online Visibility

Whenever you type something on a search engine like Google, thousands, if not millions, of pages show up in the search results. Have you ever wondered why some pages are always on top of search results?

This is the effect of Search Engine Optimization. A normal blog can become insanely popular if it is SEO-optimized. Before considering to rope in a specialist, check his/her past credentials and industry affiliations.

4. Motivate Your Existing Customers to Refer Your Product or Service to Their Acquaintances

A good business is one that pays proper respect to their customers’ opinions. Motivate your customers to give good reviews about your products or services. Use these reviews to create a good impression about your business.

Collate these reviews and send them to the customers, who can then use it to send to their acquaintances. Some businesses take this to the next level by offering discounts and other goodies in return for the favor.

This method is by far the cheapest way to promote your business.

5. Take Help of Social Media Campaigns

Out of all cost-effective advertising methods discussed so far, social media marketing stands as the winner. After all, where else will you get a quality audience who is ready to pay attention to your promotional stuff, provided your material is the best in class and relevant.

Since by now, it is clear that social media is the best advertising medium for your business, let us divert our attention to how you can create an awesome social media campaign.

Which Websites Are The Best For Advertising Your Business?

1. Facebook

According to Zephoria, Facebook enjoys the patronage of 2.50 billion Monthly Active Users, out of which 1.66 billion logs in daily.

2. Instagram

A study by Oberlo found that there are 1 billion Monthly Active Users on Instagram, out of which 500 million use Instagram stories regularly.

3. LinkedIn

Foundation Inc. observes that LinkedIn has more than 675 million Monthly Active Users, out of which 40% or close to 100 million, use the network daily.

Which is the Best Way to Target Audience on Social Media Platforms?

Modern advertising technology has made it possible to market your product or service in more than one way. Let us see the two most attractive and rewarding methods to draw the customers’ attention to your online advertisements.

1. Video Slideshow

An eye-catching video slideshow with music is probably the best way to get social media users hooked on to your advertisement.

You may create awesome videos in two ways:

i. Spend a fortune to hire a professional video slideshow maker.


ii. Visit a popular video editing website like InVideo and create a video slideshow for free.

The Steps You Need to Follow to Create a Video Slideshow

1. Visit InVideo.

2. Create a free account.

3. Browse thousands of eye-catching templates or create a new one.

4. After selecting a template, you will be taken to the advanced editor section, where you can add effects, transitions, and overlays to your photos and videos.

5. Mix your videos and photos with the footages on the platform to create a fascinating video slideshow.

6. As a final step, choose from thousands of copyright-free audio tracks and add them to your video slideshow.

Voila! You are ready to publish your first state-of-the-art video slideshow to billions of social media users out there.

2. Photo Slideshow

The second most popular way to advertise your business is by creating a photo story with a photo video maker.

The Steps You Need to Follow to Create a Photo Slideshow

1. Visit InVideo.

2. Create a free account.

3. Go to the ‘picture video maker’ tab and select a template.

4. Add images from your photo collection or InVideo’s library of breathtaking royalty-free images.

5. Add music.

6. Edit and modify the template the way you want it.

7. Click on ‘Export’ and download the video.

Once you download the video, you can instantly share it with your followers on social media.


The world is an interconnected village. All of us are living through an era where convenience and connectivity is the key to survival.

Video slideshows with music and photo slideshows are the best and the most cost-effective methods to take your business to the next level.

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