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Comparing Suver Haze Strain With Cherry Wine Strain: Which Is Better?


Suver Haze is a relatively new strain of smokeable Hemp that has been growing in popularity. Its spicy taste and comfy energetic effects have quickly made it a favorite among Hemp aficionados. There are several good articles out there that have reviewed this strain. For the most part, reviewers have given this strain high marks. However, we want to do something different today. We are going to compare Suver Haze from with a strain that is well-known for its quality and potency. So, let the battle of the buds begin!

CBD Content:

This is obviously the most important consideration on our list. The therapeutic benefits of CBD are the primary reason for the popularity of smokeable Hemp. As such, this will always be the most important factor. Before we even address this issue, we should note that percentage figures are approximate. There will always be a little variation from one plant to another and one flower to another. Thus, the percentages that you see when reading about Hemp are average figures. For this reason, we will do our figuring with ranges rather than exact numbers.

Suver Haze is definitely a high-CBD strain. According to Leafly, its CBD content is about 16%. However, they also seem to contradict those numbers and give a figure of 18.4%. Searching for another source, we found Dr Ganja, which gives us 17.7% for this strain. Thus, we can assign a CBD content range of 16-18% for Suver Haze.

Now, let’s look for some information about Cherry Wine. According to this source, its CBD content is somewhere in the neighborhood of 15%. However, this second source gives it 15-25%. Based on numerous other price figures that we checked, it seems that this range is more or less correct. However, we think it more realistic to give this one a range of 15-20%.

We have a slight problem when trying to judge this category. If we look at the minimum numbers, Suver Haze is the clear winner. If we look at the maximum numbers, Cherry Wine comes out on top. Thus, we don’t have a clear winner.

Result: Draw

Mental Effects

Although Hemp flowers do not have the psychoactive effects of Marijuana, they do produce a change in one’s mindset. Most people describe it as a strongly relaxed feeling but without any hint of a narcotic effect. Obviously, this subtle mental effect will vary from strain to strain. This is partly because of the differences in CBD content, but also due to differences in terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential chemicals.

This one is difficult to judge, but there are all kinds of reviews that tell the tale. Sativa is usually associated with an elevated, energetic effect. Indica, conversely, is associated with a mellow, sleepy kind of effect. These differences are less pronounced when you remove the THC, but they are still there.

Because Cherry Wine is an even hybrid of Sativa and Indica, its mental effects are very balanced. Suver Haze is also a hybrid, but it is said to favor Indica a little bit. The strange thing is that most people describe the feeling of Suver Haze as being energetic. This is an obvious sign that the Sativa genes are more dominant in this strain. As such, Suver Haze provides a more “positive” feeling.

Result: Suver Haze Victory

Taste and Smell

Both of these qualities are an essential part of the mix. In fact, taste and smell are often the most obvious ways to tell one strain from another. Besides, the factors of taste and smell add a lot to the enjoyment of the Hemp. A lot of people are surprised at the diversity of smells and flavors that can come from different strains of the same plant. This, of course, is part of what has made the Cannabis plant so popular throughout the world.

Taste and smell are generally determined by chemical compounds called terpenes and flavonoids. Different terpenes confer different tastes and contribute to the differences in smell. Incidentally, most of the terpenes and flavonoids that are present in the Hemp plant can also be found in other common plants. For instance, myrcene (one of the terpenes found in Suver Haze) is also found in bay and hops.

These flavor-containing chemicals are found throughout the plant, but they are concentrated in the trichomes. Trichomes are little round structures that are basically sacs of pure Cannabinoid substances. This is where the majority of the plant’s essential ingredients are found, including THC, CBD, CBG, and many terpenes and flavonoids.

Cherry Wine is a strain that is named for its distinctive flavor, and that flavor is what has made it famous throughout the world. While Suver Haze is no slouch in this department, it isn’t as universally liked. It contains a terpene called Humulene, and this confers a woody, earthy taste. Many people like the way it mixes with the spicy flavor of the Myrcene, but some people simply do not. This one is extremely close, of course, but the edge goes to the Cherry Wine strain.

Result: Cherry Wine Victory


Having compared the most important qualities of these two strains, we have to declare this contest as a draw. In terms of CBD content, there isn’t a whole lot of difference. The only real difference could be seen in their upper and lower range limits. Even then, we are talking about small differences here.

The energetic and upbeat mental effects of Suver Haze gave it an edge in the mental effects category. However, Cherry Wine came back strong in the taste and smell department. That isn’t surprising since that particular strain is famous for its appealing aesthetics. In the end, this one was just too close to call.

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