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4 Best Companies to Transfer 8mm Film to DVD


If you have a box of old 8mm films, you can agree that pulling out the projector and screens from the basement every time is frustrating. Picture quality is not all that today’s crisp movie streaming and video-recording technology have to offer, and your kids may not enjoy watching old family memoirs or comics from back in the day.

The good news: several companies exist to transfer your 8mm films into DVDs. With the right services, you will watch these videos on your laptop or smart TV. You may want to visit the nearest Walmart. If it is emotive (wedding day or first birthday videos) or meant for schoolwork or professional projects, the result will not be nearly as good as what the companies on this list will deliver.

Poorly done conversions come with a whole range of issues: halos, distortions, bleeding, grains, screen texture, and other problems that make the video not-quality to watch. Choose to get your 8mm film conversion done by a professional firm to get excellent results. The DVD you will get from these firms will go for years, and your kids will thank you.

Why Should I Convert My 8mm Films into Digital Versions?

First, you will be able to share it with friends and family in any format they want. You can also trim, crop, or edit the video content into smaller sections or incorporate additional text and pictures from other videos.

You can add background music, captions, narrations, and so much more. You will also be able to watch the video on your smart TV, mobile, or computer, thus eliminating the hassle of setting up projectors and screens. Finally, the digital version can be backed up to the cloud and will last longer than if it was only available on the film.

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ARS Video 

First on the list is ARS video, one of the most popular family-owned and operated video conversion companies in the market. ARS Video has been transferring 8mm films to disks since 1987 and producing quality films of all kinds for clients. ARS also converts Super8, 16mm, 35mm reels and camcorder tapes, and VHS/VHS-C.

ARS Video is your best shot at bringing your college jam sessions to life as they also digitize old microcassettes and audio cassettes. You can either deliver your tapes and cassettes to them or ship them out with a packing slip and order in the box. ARS Videos will email or call you upon receiving the package and provide a quote. The quote they send you for the VHS to DVD transfer service will include a free flash drive or DVD.

They charge by the hour for videotapes and time them for free. For films, ARS Video charges by the foot and will add a beginning title and background music appropriate to the video content. As soon as the conversion is complete, ARS Videos will ship back your originals and digital versions and allow you to pay via mobile wallet, e-wallet, or credit card.

If you have a massive set of cassettes or videotapes, you can take advantage of their quantity discount. ARS is happy to correct any mistakes with your order within thirty days upon shipping back your orders.

Just 8mm

Just 8mm is a company you can trust to convert your box of old movie favorites or family event memories into DVDs. The modern format is the best way to enjoy these memoirs, and this company is a reliable firm to convert both 8mm and Super 8mm to DVD or even a thumb drive.

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Their process is straightforward and customer-friendly: gather your film reels in the order you require them and label them accordingly. Just 8mm is happy to include any titles you need. You will fill out an order sheet with all the services you need, print it, then attach it to the package containing the films plus thumb drive should you require it.

The conversion takes anywhere between 7 and 14 business days, and they accept credit card payments. Their effective customer support desk makes tracking orders and shipments with them easy.

Film Transfer Company

The film transfer company is another firm that has existed for years. Their clients range between amateurs and families shooting films for events and major government firms like NASA and Hollywood movie firms.

They promise to scan and digitize 8mm film using professional equipment to get you quality results. Unlike other firms that use modified camcorders, frame by frame or real-time machines, and modified projectors to transfer films, Film Transfer Company uses machinery that ranges between $100,000 and $400,000 to ensure you get the best quality film for your project.

You have the choice of getting Blu-ray, DVD, DPX, or any other kind of digital files for editing or watching. The initial scan in the transferring 8mm or super 8mm film is the initial scan, and if not done professionally, you will get only 40 or 60% of the initial picture.

These machines will ensure the film you get represents the image you filmed by returning scans up to 4K (3112 lines or resolution). Very few companies provide this kind of resolution, and if your film has a high emotional value or is for a professional project, consider counting on them for your project. This company also digitized vintage films taken using cameras from the 1930s, making them a great choice for bringing family histories to life.

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Legacy Digital 

Legacy Digital is another affordable 8mm film conversion service that you can trust. This company uses the same techniques used by the Academy of Motion Pictures in Hollywood to guarantee you excellent frame-by-frame scanning. Your 8mm, Super 8’s, 16mm, and Technicolor reel to reel films will be converted into remarkable digital versions with Full HD or 2K color resolution with grain reduction and color correction.

At $16.00 for every 50 feet of reel rather than for every reel, you can agree that their charges are friendly for a premium conversion service. Their team will start by using a premium film cleaning solution to eliminate dust and products of oxidation from the film to ensure they do not become a part of the picture during scanning.

Legacy Digital uses high-tech digital scanners to get the pictures in true HD using frame-by-frame scanning rather than real-time recording to ensure you get crisp, clear images.

The next step in the Legacy Digital process is color correction, which entails adjusting the color, brightness, and saturation to ensure the final result is the best possible version. Since graininess is a major part of older films, the next step will be advanced grain reduction to ensure today’s massive screens do not make it too apparent. The converted film will be available on a hard drive, thumb drive, or Blu-ray.

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