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Common Types of Bikini Tops: A Beginner’s Guide


Swimming is one of the most well-recognised recreational and fitness activities across the globe. It is the most popular sport in several nations, including Australia and Russia. The increasing number of people engaging in swimming activities has paved a roadmap for the growth of the swimwear and bikini products industry. Statista’s 2018 report found that bikini held the primary share of the swimwear market at 68%.

A bikini consists of a two-piece swimsuit wherein one piece of fabric covers the breasts while another part of cloth covers the pelvic region including the buttocks except for the navel. You may find several types of bikinis online and in local stores. This article will walk you through the common types of bikini tops available on the market.

Bustier bikini tops

These bikini tops have a cropped style and moulded cups which give your bust a boost and form flattering lines. The sassy swimming tops also come with supportive underwire cups, allowing ladies with big busts to feel comfortable as well. Moreover, bustiers can complement any body types with their versatile styles, such as halter, strapped, and strapless.


This type of bikini top is one of the more modest tops which provides maximum coverage (covers the tummy area fully) and is a perfect choice for those who want to invite admiration without having to sacrifice fashion. It shares some similarities with a camisole tank top. The original tankini was a mash-up of a tank top and a bikini top, which is paired with a basic bikini bottom.

Nevertheless, as the fashion trend grows, tankinis become more fashionable and feature various styles. When shopping for tankini bikinis online, you may find strapless, deep-v, and halter tankinis. While they keep evolving, its modest yet flattering coverage remains, allowing women to be comfortable and confident at the same time.


One of the more popular bikini tops is halter. Unlike most bikini tops, halters usually provide an additional strip of fabric below the bust, typically with contrasting patterns or colour, for extra support.

They come with a fixed triangle on top’s side which goes around the neck, making them a perfect bikini top for big-busted women. This bikini top is made with thicker straps and moderate chest coverage, offering a comfortable option for those who love spending time under the sun.


Bandeau tops come with no-shoulder straps (or very thin ones going around the back of the neck) with large fabric strips covering the breast area. They twist and cinch at the centre, accentuating the bust.

Due to the lack of straps, they can slip down rather easily, thereby not ideal for beach games or water sports, and are more suitable for ladies with smaller cup sizes. The slim design and captivating details boost the bust of small-chested women, forming a blazing bikini style. They are also great for tanning since they do not leave any strap marks.

Triangle tops

Triangle or tie tops are usually lined to keep the top lightweight. Some of them are stitched-in or have removable padding, while others come with an underwire. They can have either sliding or fixed triangles. The former provides adjustable coverage, whereas the latter is best at staying in place.

Sport tops

Sports tops often have sturdier designs. They are made to stay in place through vigorous activities, such as beach volleyball, surfing, and swimming. Hence, they are an excellent option for sporty ladies, allowing them to join any beach and water activities without having to worry about a surprise slip. Sports tops generally have higher chest coverage with one-piece across the bust to lessen top movement.


There are a wealth of bikini tops selection available on the market, both online and in local shops. Regardless of which style intrigues you, you can always find the right bikini tops that fit your needs and preference.

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