Colour Schemes Popular Among Online Gambling Brands

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colour schemes popular among online gambling brands

Colours play an important part in our lives. Marketing professionals realized this years ago as they discovered that certain Colours trigger certain emotions. Gambling is all about emotions and excitement. Online casinos use vivid Colours to keep players interested, to make the gaming experience more immersive and fun and to make the association between gambling and winning money.

We asked Canadian blogger Michelle Thomas what online casinos can do to mimic the land-based ones in this regard. Michelle knows the online casino business inside and out and you can read more about her.

Colourful casino designs

Colours can convey moods. For example, cinematography has been using Colours to depict characters: a boring or sick person wearing grey or brown while a successful, happy person wearing vivid Colours. Casinos want to appear like the absolute liveliest, most fun places you could visit and therefore you will see plenty of Colourful neon signs in Las Vegas or on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Online casinos in Canada use lots of Colours. Website Colour schemes can aim at women using more feminine Colours like pink and purple while casinos that are predominantly for men have masculine, dark themes. Typically slot games – that are popular with women and men alike – use lots of lively Colours.

Fruit schemes are some of the most popular schemes among slots and they use the typical yellow for lemons, red for apples and green for pears to keep the game interesting and to help players easily differentiate among winning symbols.

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If you have never played in an online casino in Canada, you should definitely try it out. Several online casinos accept Canadian players that will give you a no deposit casino bonus so you can start playing even before depositing real money.

Red and black in gambling

Even those who never gamble are probably aware that the typical playing cards come in two Colours: red and black. Hearts and diamonds are red, while spades and clubs are black. This makes it easier to oversee what cards the player is holding. Another gamblers’ favourite, the roulette table also sports these two Colours on 36 out of the 37 (or 38) pockets. In roulette, you can bet on red or black and you have almost 50% chance of winning.

If you ever wondered why are casinos red with so many of their games, the answer is to make you bet quicker. Red Colour is associated with passion (sexy lingerie), hunger (McDonald’s’ theme) and speed (typical Ferrari Colour). Red Colour can make the gambler place bets faster.

Green as a symbol of money

Canadian banknotes come in a variety of Colours and only the $20 bill is green, however, like most nations, you probably also associate the green Colour with money. Green is a very important Colour in casino psychology and land-based casinos, you will find all the playing tables covered in green felt. Online casinos also use green for their virtual baccarat, poker and blackjack tables. The 0s and double 0s on the roulette wheel also sport green Colour.

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Gold for wealth

Gold Colour also symbolizes money and wealth but on an even larger scale than green. In economically difficult times people buy physical gold bullions. Gold is the absolute best you can get – think of gold membership, gold credit card or a gold wedding band. In online gambling, you will often receive virtual gold coins for winning a prize or the jackpot. The highest value casino chips are also gold in Colour.

Why are casinos so dark?

Casinos traditionally are without clocks and windows with low ceilings and they use dark tapestry. The idea behind this casino design is to make players forget about time and play indefinitely. Online casinos use a lot of black Colour to mimic this image and also for the reason that the typical gambling Colours: gold, red and green look so great with this background. In general, men gamble more at land-based casinos than women, so this Colour of action and masculinity is a winner.


Colours are extremely important in psychology. In a casino setting, they make us think of money, winning, passion and success. The most typical casino in Canada Colours are black, red, green and gold but lively Colours are also used in high-paced fun games like slots.

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