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Colour Of The Year 2020


Few things in life influence our subconscious so profoundly that they determine how we conduct ourselves, and the colour is one of them. Colour goes beyond merely being a shade that causes a reaction to our sense of sight but also plays a crucial role in how we live. Colours can determine our actions and emotions by swaying our thinking capability at the very core.

As we welcome 2020, all the colours we have this year are bound to follow us into the next. Even so, the Pantone Color Institute has chosen one shade that will stand tall above all others in the coming year, and it is Classic Blue. Blue is a common colour used as a symbolic tool for loyalty, trust, confidence, and other niceties of life. This shade choice was singled out to represent the anticipation that people have about what is coming next, considering that we are venturing into not only a new year but also a new decade. The chosen hue, classic blue, is reminiscent of the sky at dusk, and it represents the question we all have about what the future holds for us. Here are a few things you can look forward to trying in the new year that help you stay true to the chosen 2020 colour of the year:

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Use a blue logo

2020 may mean the beginning of something huge for you, such as starting your own company. If your life is taking this direction, consider using a blue logo for the firm, especially if it focuses on client satisfaction to thrive. Most people associate this shade dependability, trustworthiness, security, honesty, and calmness. Therefore, the blue shade of your logo is likely to influence their choice to bring their business to you. A lot of times, blue is seen as a masculine colour, which is associated with dependable services. A couple of the most successful firms thrive on the use of blue logos such as Samsung, Facebook, Visa, and Pampers, among others. You can blend the shade with another colour that spells h3 qualities as well such as green or pink.

Try a blue wardrobe

The colour blue does the same thing with attires as it does with company logos. The classic blue shade is associated with confidence, comfort, and reliability, which means it will most likely inspire people to take you more seriously. This is why most people in white-collar jobs tend to lean to blue suits and dresses. Throw on clothes of this colour when heading to interviews, meetings, and other important events. This will drive people into thinking you are intelligent and efficient in your demeanour even before you open your mouth. Deliver quite the punch by blending it with another striking colour like black, brown, or purple, all of which are commanding shades in their own right.

Invest in blue art pieces

Like colour, art holds a special place in the heart of humanity. It breaks through class, culture, and even religion to stand at the core of nearly every society. If you are a lover of aesthetic objects, in the coming year 2020, lean towards artistic pieces that are created in the classic blue shade. The most obvious option would be purchasing blue paintings, and they can carry different images such as birds, fish, everyday instruments, or even patterns that speak to your eyes alone. You can also purchase functional pieces like vases, pots, lamps, etc.

Visit the beach or ocean

You can also turn to mother nature for a taste of the 2020 colour of the year. The ocean is the biggest blue thing taking up 70% of the earth’s surface. Purpose to take a cruise in the open ocean on a yacht, which has been known to inspire calm and tranquillity for most. If being surrounded by water is not your thing, and you would like a fair share of the land beneath your feet, you can go down to the beach instead. Either way, you get to feast your eyes on a blue expanse that can help you kick off your year right.


The colour blue being branded the prime shade for 2020 does not mean we abandon all others. You can blend this classic hue with others to meet your vision of the new year and inspire joy and courage to conquer your resolutions.

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