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Colour of the Year 2020


As the world awaits the beginning of a new era with the dawn of the year 2020, Pantone, the global leader in colour technology has announced its colour of the year as the “Classic Blue”. The company that started the event of choosing a colour of the year in 2000 has successfully followed the trend for 20 years. Pantone’s selection of an old classic colour was made to symbolize the feeling of confidence and tranquillity.

As quoted by Pantone authorities, the shade of classic blue signifies the need for a stable foundation in building a new era. In other words, it symbolizes the power of classics in a dynamic world that constantly longs for modernity.

The announcement was made on 4th December by a panel of experts who contemplates delivering a message to the world through its colour of the year based on aspects like emerging global culture and future challenges. Presented against a natural backdrop of blue horizon, the 19-4052 Classic Blue serves as an all-consuming hue that has a calming effect on one’s mind and senses.

Why Is It Important?

Founded in 1962, Pantone has brought revolutionary changes to industries across the globe with the help of its PMS technology. The expert solutions devised by the company allow manufacturers in the printing sector to measure and manage colours throughout the production cycle.

This has immensely improved the image quality and precision of end products in sectors like graphic arts, printing, textile, advertising, fashion design, cosmetics, media, photography, tourism, and manufacturing. The adaptations associated with the theme became wider with the growth of online marketing and promotional channels. Over the past 2 decades, Pantone has been collaborating with numerous international brands in developing trendsetting products and ideas.

Known for its proprietary colour-coding system, Pantone’s annual colour concept has been gaining more popularity year after year. The colour announced by the company is considered as an annual theme by artists and fashion designers’ world over. The concept is further popularized by business magazines and media sources like that publish reviews on the topic.

Online Promotion

Pantone’s 19-4052 Classic Blue is all set to change the hues of online marketing for the upcoming holiday season. Various shades of blue have started appearing in online ads and posters that feature clothing styles, winter accessory, and designer trends for 2020. The classic blue theme is also widely adopted by online services like gaming sites and casinos that try to attract more customers on such occasions.

The is an ideal example that illustrates the classic blue theme through its gambling site. The concept works well for marketing and brand promotion in several ways and is a great way to announce 2020 deals, discounts, and Welcome Bonus offers to gain attention from clients and customers.

While there are many consumer-oriented businesses that remain unaffected by the concept, entertainment ventures like casinos, amusement parks, and theatres easily soak up the concept to design fresh marketing ideas for the entire New Year season.

Event Marketing

The occasion of New Year 2020 has huge potential for event marketing ventures. During this phase, thousands of brands conduct trade shows, fairs, and expos for directly promoting their brand visibility and introducing new concepts, product lines, and services.

Such events generally adopt themes like Pantone colour of the year to design their advertising contents like videos and presentations. This also includes digital as well as physical posters, signage, and product brochures that are designed with fresh hues to impress and attract more customers. Pantone’s colour space editions and technologies are well known for setting new trends across industries ranging from fashion to advertising.

Recently, a wide range of luxury items like cars, accessories, cosmetics, and outfits have been adopting different hues of Classic Blue for designing new product ranges. The latest fashion trends based on Pantone’s Classic Blue have also been published by lifestyle magazines. In other words, the theme serves as a conceptual foundation for promoting events and fashion shows that exhibit the upcoming trends and style statements.

Social Media

For the year 2020, the colour of the year is more than a mere concept for marketers and brand promoters. It serves as a message of simplicity for a new era that struggles to adopt the advanced modes of living.

The classic blue represents the hues of nature and highlights the importance of enriching and preserving our traditional values and social culture. For this reason, the theme has been getting along quite popularly in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can find many 2020 celebration plans, ideas, and graphical representations associated with the colour of the year shared and liked by users around the globe. This not only social media marketers of numerous consumer products like apparel and cosmetics have further added to the popularity of the concept.

It has also been serving as a strong medium for NGOs and environmentalists to promote their cause of conservation and awareness of issues like global warming.

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