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Co-Living As An Ecosystem For Tech Geeks


Everywhere you look, there is technology. Whether at work, at home or at recreational facilities. The idea of a smart home has become popular as many things in our lives has become technologically advanced. In modern times, with co-living being a growing trend in society, it is important to decipher where does technology fit. Co-living can benefit by embracing technology to enhance their communities.

How can tech become useful for co-living?

#1 Voice Activation

Nowadays people can simply turn off the lights just by saying “lights off”. This feature can be used in each occupant’s room therefore allowing the person the ability to decide what to control: change the colour of the light, or even the wallpaper designs). This will make co-living fun and draw in more members.

#2 Sustainability is Vital

In the US, 5% of power consumption occurs when a device is on standby mode. However, imagine being able to shut down appliances like refrigerators without the contents being spoiled. It might be fun to be aware of the amount of power we consume, and co-living can incorporate this feature. People who have used the least amount of energy can be rewarded in some way. This will encourage energy conservation. Collectively people can be notified on the amount of energy they are conserving as well as a list of positive impacts this will have on the community.

#3 Large Touchpanels

Multipurpose devices can reduce clutter and costs in one’s daily life. A new invention is the Smart Mirror which can be incorporated in occupant’s rooms. These mirrors serve two purposes: to reflect one’s image and becomes a large touchpanel to control all your smart devices, communicate with other community members and get the relevant information you may need.

#4 Smart Locks

This is ideal for people who seem to always lose their keys. Locks will open as long as you have the tag on hand. It doesn’t have to be in your hand, it can be in your pocket, bag or car. Members of the co-living community can enter and exit the property without needing actual keys. It is also ideal as managers of the building are aware of who is home in case there is an emergency like a fire.

#5 Device Integration

An app can be developed to allow members monitor and address matters of importance. This is useful when managing lighting, security and temperature in your home even without physically being there. This allows each occupant to effectively manage and be responsible for their own lives.

Smart co-living

There is so much that can be done to make co-living more pliable for fast paced and tech savvy individuals. Co-living should offer the user a hassle free and “smart” experience and just adding a few advancements could make the co-living space more appealing. Owners should research the most common needs that people have and their expectations of co-living and seek to meet that need. This will inevitably bring in more people as we live in a “microwave” society, where people want stuff quick and fast.

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