Clients Portal Features Every Business Should Consider

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clients portal features every business should consider

If you are looking for a clients portal for your business, always look at the features. It is prudent to pick one with features that directly impact your business positively. Since the software is a big boost to the business, the entrepreneur should know the features to look for before buying one.

This article is therefore designed for all business investors and managers. After reading it, one will be able to make informed decisions on which clients portal is suitable for the intended business.

Clients Portal Allows Communication

Communication is one of the most useful options for a client portal. The software is integrated with phone contacts to send messages, emails to send messages, chatbots for direct messaging on the app or platform, notifications, and other options.

Both the clients and company can communicate easily and fast to confirm certain information, make inquiries, request files, and find other information. A clients portal with many communication options is the best for any company.

Clients Portal Allows Collaboration

Collaboration between who? A clients portal allows the client, suppliers, and the company to work together to complete tasks. When teams are assigned tasks, others can see how it is handled and make their inputs where possible.

Collaboration not only makes work easier but also transparent because others can see the progress and actions taken on the task. Tools that make collaboration possible include calendars, task management tools, file sharing options, and others.

It Allows File Sharing

Under file sharing, a client’s portal should have numerous features such as file approval, downloading and uploading, exporting, and instant file view options, among others. Advances in client portal software and apps also have video file sharing as well.

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With this option, both the company and the clients or suppliers make their work easier and harmonious. Sharing of accounts information, making orders, and tasks progress are among the operations that can be completed through an effective file sharing feature.

It is Highly Customizable

Customization allows you to maintain the business brand and image on the portal. Hence, the logo of the company and colors should appear even if the clients portal used is shared among many other businesses.

Customization also includes configurable widgets, the inclusion of the company email domain, integration of automated services, and synchronization with useful tools. Fortunately, this is possible with reliable clients portal service providers. So, check them out and make your considerations.

It Has High Data Security

One of the greatest challenges with clients portal software and apps includes data security breaches. Are your chats, files, and all other data safe? Where is the data saved? Is the access limited and controlled?

Reliable clients portal solution providers take data security seriously and have secure client servers and give access to data accordingly. So, there is a need to worry about data security at any time.


Even as you look at all of these features, it is important that you consider the cost of installing a client’s portal software or app. Many service providers charge for the services, but they always justify it with reliable services. On top of looking at the features we have discussed, look at the price as well.

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