How To Choose The Best Mobile Messaging Platform In 5 Easy Steps

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choose best mobile messaging platform in 5 easy steps

Today, mobile messaging has become an important aspect for the business to communicate and engage with the audiences. This is the reason why the business expenditure budget has a separate budget for the messaging platforms.

The best part of the messaging platform is that you can easily send messages to your audiences with just one click. However, you need to ensure that you are using the right mobile messaging application to reach your prospective audience.

This article will talk about the factors that will lead you to the right selection of a mobile messaging platform.

How To Choose The Best Mobile Messaging Platform?

While you are out there looking for the right mobile messaging platform, you must consider your needs. Look for the mobile messaging platform that complements your needs and the tailor-made solution you were looking for.

Given are some factors that will help you find the best mobile messaging software for your business.

Open Rate

Open rate is the term used for the rate of opening message opening. There are many mobile messaging platforms in the market. Each messaging platform has a different opening rate. This is one of the important aspects of the platform that you must look into.

There is no point in sending messages if your users are not opening them to see what is inside. For instance, if we consider Email, it has an operating rate of almost 30%, which means three out of ten messages your send are opened and viewed by your audiences.

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You must take the frequency of the messages into account as. Increased send frequency directly influenced the open rates. Simultaneously, if the frequency is too dense, you might leave a negative impact on users’ experience.


Frequency refers to the number of mobile messages you send to your users daily. Knowing the best frequency will help you bring in better ROIs and conversion. However, determining the frequency can be a hard job to do- too many messages can deteriorate users’ experience, while too few messages will leave your messages at the bottom of your competitors’ messages.

Hence, you must choose a mobile messaging platform with your marketing campaign strategy. Let’s say you have chosen Email to send out messages to your audiences. Then sending 30 campaigns a month will do the job. However, if you are using a mobile messaging app, then sending two messages daily at an appropriate time will help boost your ROI.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Finally, we have a click-through rate. It defines the number of messages opened by your audiences. Every mobile messaging platform has a different click-through rate. The CTR depends on the type of platform you are using.

For instance, if you are using Email to reach out to your audiences, the click-through rate will be lower than mobile messaging.

An email has an average CTR of 20%-30%. Even these percentages will vary depending on the industry. At the same time, SMS marketing has far greater CTRs. Experts state that more than 90% of mobile messages are clicked in the first three minutes.

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Which Platform Will Be Best For Reaching Out To Your Audiences?

It all depends on who your audiences are. Going with Email marketing is the best option if you are targeting business professionals or have a B2B business model.

However, if your targeted audiences are the younger generation and technological literate, SMS marketing or other mobile messaging platforms will help you out more.

Key Takeaway

We learn so many things on the internet that talk about absolute results. But amidst all those absolute results, nobody talks about how every business and company has a different approach towards targeting their audience through the same messaging platform. When you reach out to your audiences, everything comes down to experimentation to see how your audience likes to engage with you.

The mobile messaging platform is still not perfect, so why not experiment with which platform will complement your goals and offer a tailor-made solution. Experimenting is the best to find your best mobile messaging platform.

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