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How to Choose the Best CPC Ad Network for Your Paid Marketing Campaign     


CPC (cash-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) are the channels that help advertisers publish their advertisements. Simply put, every time a user clicks on ads on the CPC ad network, a fixed amount is received by the publisher.

Since the world nowadays pretty much runs on desktops and smartphones, advertisers prefer to place their ads online. Due to this very reason, CPC networks are growing in number. It is becoming difficult for an amateur advertiser to determine the pay-per-click advertising company.

Here is the list of selecting the best cash-per-click platform.

#1 High Cash Per Clicks & Revenue Per Miles

This one is a brainer. You want to increase your sales to grow your business. So, you want a high-paying network that brings in more money with every click. But the problem is, how do you compare?

First, you may have to do some research. Use Google to search message boards, review forums, and blogs to discuss the profitability of ad networks and compare each one of them.

Another way is to mix and match. You can divide your marketing campaign into several parts and place it on different ad networks. Compare the results of each one of them to select the best one.

If you think that high commission has an adverse effect on RPMs, it is usually not the case. Many ad networks do charge more, but they significantly invest more in their algorithm and technology. So, while there may be a low CPC, the overall performance may work in your favour.

#2 Reliability of the Network

An unreliable ad network may rob you of your hard-earned money. So, research whether that ad network paid the people who brought the traffic to your website. Many shady ad networks may post ads on your page, which may result in malware-infested cesspits on your website.

In addition, ensure that payment terms of the ad networks are agreeable to you. Sometimes, these terms can cause stress on your balance sheet.

#3 Advertiser Bringing Matching Traffic

You want the ad networks to bring the traffic which is suited for your local target audiences. This process is easy if the majority of your traffic comes from a single country or state. But what if you have customers from multiple locales or multilingual sites? You need to pick a display ad network that helps you target audiences from different geo-location.

#4 Reporting

Did you know that targeted ads bring in more results than non-targeted ads? This means that the more information you get from your ad network, the more you can do with it. For instance, you can offer a premium deal to your well-performing advertisers. With the help of reporting, you can compare the performances of different ad formats, sizes, locations, and themes.

#5 Ease of Deployment

You need a CPC ad network that is easy to work with and gets easily deployed. Its user interface shouldn’t confuse you. It should have an API easy to set up wherever required.

If an ad network takes more time and effort to deploy its setup, then it might not be worth it in monetary terms. While selecting an ad network, make sure the server works smoothly. Also, you can use plugins such as WordPress, etc.

If you are using an advertising network whose performance you are not satisfied with, keep in mind that you can switch. It is better to optimize and perform A/B testing between two or more ad networks on your site to gain an advantage from your marketing campaigns.

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