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Check out Android TV For Exceptional Customisation


You’re probably aware of smart technology and Android in mobile phones, tablets and perhaps home automation systems but did you know that the world of TV is also moving forward with Android’s operating system to deliver exceptional viewing and streaming services at attractive prices?

What is Android TV?

Google has developed a smart TV platform which has been configured around the Android operating system. Using your internet connection and Google account, both free and paid for apps can stream to your compatible TV. Google has partnered with big name brands including Sony and Phillips so that Android TV is inbuilt in specific models. Sony allows the connection of a computer to their Android TV models; Chromecast is inbuilt.

From the home page you navigate screens via menus, nothing new to learn there, and select the apps, services, programmes and films that you desire. Make new discoveries or relive old favorites with no fuss or expense. Within the Android TV is Google Assistant which means that you can use voice command or push the buttons on a remote control when viewing. Access over 500000 shows and films plus recommendations via Google Assistant. You can play games on your Android TV as well. Welcome to amazing customised TV. You control your entertainment.

How can you connect to Android TV?

Android TV’s connect to digital media files, to your TV’s tuner and to apps. Televisions with an HDMI connection are also made Android TV compatible through a set top box. All you need is internet access and an aerial. Google’s smart TV platform is connected to its store so that you can conveniently download channels and services as you wish and access is from the easy to use home page. Apps appear there in a ribbon section. Amazon Prime, Disney, Youtube, HBO Max and Netflix are among the various services supported by Android TV.  You won’t run out of options because Google’s store features over 5000 apps.

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Google has an official list of brands that they know provide the optimum version of Android TV; there are many imitations. Don’t be fooled by them.

Why choose Android TV?

Android TV is similar to rivals Amazon Fire and Roku but it features Google tools which we are all familiar with so why not choose Google’s Android TV?

The only Freeview Play Recorder currently on the market is the Humax AURA UHD Freeview Play 4K Recorder. Frankly, it offers so much more than a standard recorder, once you have one you’ll never want to part with it.

The Humax AURA UHD Freeview Play 4K Recorder attributes:

  • Powered by Android TV.
  • Easy set up.
  • The ability to pause, record and rewind live TV.
  • Over 85 channels. 15 of these are HD.
  • 7 Day TV guide.
  • Google Assistant and Chromecast are built in.
  • The Aura app streams shows to different devices.
  • Find excellent content easily.
  • UK viewers’ favourite apps in one convenient place.
  • Voice control.
  • Quick access is offered via a remote control key.
  • The ability to record 4 shows at the same time whilst watching a 5th.
  • Storage capacity for 1000 hours of recorded content with the 2 Terabyte model. 500 hours memory with the 1TB version.
  • Set up recordings and reminders.
  • Watch streamed live and recorded content via the Humax Aura app. Download for watching on the go.
  • Features 3 tuners.
  • 2 USB’s.
  • Media server, plug and play USB.
  • A 2 year warranty.
  • Aerial required.

Freeview Play. Established in 2002, Freeview’s service offers access to terrestrial channels on UK TV. 95% of the country’s best and most watched programmes can be found through Freeview Play with radio stations and on demand services also available. Enjoy an alternative to the subscription services on the market. Take advantage of spectacular free services.

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Remember, with the above Aura recorder this service is installed and ready to use.

What the alternative set top boxes deliver 

  • Freesat . This set top box requires a satellite dish and again offers subscription free access but this time to over 200 digital TV and radio channels. 13 of the TV channels are HD.
  • Youview. This is similar to the Freeview options in that 70 plus channels are available and you need an aerial rather than a satellite dish.

In a proverbial nutshell, Android TV delivers exceptional viewing, media and gaming capabilities without an eye wateringly high bill. Customisation makes life so simple that you’ll forget you’re on a TV and might be fooled into thinking you’re on your own viewing planet.

Why not investigate today?

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