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Cheap Ways On How You Can Transport A Car Safely


If you are thinking of transporting a car, either because you are relocating to a new country or another state, there are reliable and cheap ways for you to ship an automobile.

Instead of putting your brand new vehicle to wear and tear in hundreds or thousands of miles of journey, it is cheap and safe to transport a car. If you wonder how much does it cost to ship a car, here are some ways on cheapest ways to ship your vehicle.

Choose The Type of Carrier

The shipping industry mostly relies on an open type of trailer for shipment. It is economical and comfortable to find at the same time. The other type is called an enclosed trailer, but expect prices to be higher when renting for this one. If you are under a budget and want to ship your car cheap, then go for the open trailer carrier. It can save you more money since you can avail of the service for only $1400 for a distance of 3000 miles.

Marked Your Dates of Shipment or Relocation Off-Season

June to August is the high season for the auto transport industry. For you to avail of some of their discounts or grants, then plan early to purchase or relocate around December to February. These are the slow months for the business, and they likely offer car shipping under discounted rates than no avails/customers at all

Do Not Rush and Be Flexible When It Comes to Time

If you are paying for the premium service, then most likely, you want a rush delivery or have a tight schedule, but of course, it can cost you more. When choosing the cheapest way to transport a car, be sure to have plenty of time in your hands. If you are willing to wait, then you can save more.

Hire for A Towing Truck Company

Most towing companies do not go further than 300-500 miles. It can be convenient and the cheapest option if you are relocating from only to the other side of a state. But this might take some time as they are not as fast as the car logistics companies on the road.

Shipping by rail

Is it possible to ship a car on a train? The answer is yes, but then again, how much does it cost to ship a car by rail? Train companies offer car shipments, but the distance should not exceed 750 miles. Train transport is for the auto industry who intends to move multiple automobiles at once, and if you are lucky and get to move in the application fast, then individual owners can find an open slot for $350-$1000. However, it can be hard to ensure train transport on a specific day. Also, the option is available at a selected destination only.

Yet, for some, they opt to drive the car themselves. Based on the Internal Revenue Services, the cost of a 3,000-mile trip is around $550 to $650. The distance can be covered by 120 hours or 5 days, with two drivers rotating a shift but you should take the wear and tear of the vehicle into account as well. Adding up their accommodation, service fee, flight tickets back home, and food at overall expenses, hiring for a reliable transport company sounds more appealing and convenient.

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