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Chatbots and ManyChat Messenger Training


Technology has proven to be one of the fastest developments in recent history. It is tough to imagine it has just been two decades since the start of the cellphone era. People still had dial-up internet as late as 2005. Most of us may have never noticed the progression between the old classic way and the new tech generation. It is such a subtle change until everyone started using this advanced technology. Because many of these advancements were supposed to be for the government and military, the general public did not have any idea of all of this. That is still a fact until the information technology boom of the 2000’s started to rule the world. People wanted to have the newest gadget that these tech giants had to offer. Concepts that were just found in science fiction are now coming to life. It has been such a discovery that we are still feeling it to this day.

The internet may have the greatest propagator of any information that is related to mankind. You can think of it as the greatest library on earth wherein almost everyone has an access. You can find a lot of things in the internet, and you will learn a ton as well. It is an almost endless pit of information and it connects us through distance. From the wired internet up to the newest LTE and 5G technology, we are now accessing the internet at faster speeds. In this way, we can now interact with other people without even seeing their faces or meeting them in person.

The development of social media has a hand with this. As social media is developed for the main purpose of building an online community, this has helped in the development of the globalization movement. There was a time when countries and states learned to live and survive on their own without help. Any outsider is considered an enemy of the state and should not be trusted. One of the greatest examples of this is the Tokugawa Era in Japan. Their Emperor shut down their ports because he was afraid of the influence of the Portuguese. This has started the 200 years of isolation, and it was not until the Meiji Era when they decided to contact the outside world. Know more about it by clicking here. Other notable examples include North Korea and other countries under a harsh dictatorship.

This is why the internet and social media became a living force. It was not about the entertainment or education anymore. Social media is now a platform for people to express themselves for personal, political or other reasons. We now have the freedom to say what we want with apparent anonymity. The internet and social media has arguably replaced the newspapers, radio and television for news and stories. People now turn to the once so-called “alternative” medium for information because it is more accessible and relatively cheaper. Social media can do what newspapers and other mediums do except in a much better way. It is also more interactive, engaging the people in a way that can be considered as more personal.

Chatbots and ManyChat Messenger Training 2

This is also why many companies opt to use social media for their marketing campaigns as well. People are now more attached to their handheld screens than their TVs, so why not take advantage of it? There are so many ads put in social media apps like YouTube and Facebook that they rival actual TV ads at a lower cost. Radio and newspaper outlets also conduct livestreams and publish articles online. This transition has helped a lot of them in adapting to the modern world. Learn more about it by clicking this link:

This is more apparent with the customer service sector of many businesses. Most of them are transitioning into using artificial intelligence as a means to interact with customers. This became known as an automated system and later in social media as bots or chatbots. These programs automatically answer the queries of customers without the waiting time for an actual human to respond. This was considered as good for many companies, since they do not need to pay as much for human employees. They can also respond to these customers in real time as customer service hours might be limited to the usual 9-5 schedule. Rotating schedules for employees is plausible, but this entails hiring more employees.

There was a moment when they talked about the advantages of having an actual human employee. Compassion and care came as one of the pros, making responses to customers feel more human and personalized. This is true as there are a lot of people who are not into listening an automated audio response for their questions. Many of them would rather want to speak with an employee. Knowing this, companies now opt to combine both of these strategies for customer service. Technology is still needed as it makes the task a whole lot easier, but the humanity of the responses is still kept to appease customers.

There are also trainings responsible in managing these chatbots like taking a ManyChat course. This gives the person extra knowledge in learning the ins and outs of the chatbot. These can also be used in messaging apps like Messenger and Viber to maximize the power of social media. You can use the bots to answer the customer’s questions. If it fails, then it ca redirect the customer to an actual representative.

Using artificial intelligence in business is not very new. However, there are still a lot fo people who do not understand how it works. These are so easy to install and attach to the applications but maximizing its utility is something that a lot of people forget. It is an automated response but there are ways to make it look more naturally and friendly to the customer. Most of these people already view actual human representatives as impersonal and they do not seem to care. Giving an automated response might make the situation worse. Learn how to take advantage of the technology but still improve actual human relations.

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