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Candy Crush Saga Free Download For Android Smartphone/Tablets


Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular game for Android smartphone and Tablets. Almost 75% of Android users are addicted to this game, because the game visuals and the interface are very stylish. The interface of this game is looking attractive and this is the main reason for being the most addictive game for the Android users. This game features that the users want to crush the candies by matching it with the same candies. Each player will be given five lives, the player has to complete the different challenges in each and every stage. The challenges in every stage will be different and interesting to the players, which will make them addicted to finish the levels. The lives will be loaded for every half an hour in the game.

Features of Candy Crush Saga Android Game:

Sweet Candy:

It is a puzzle based game for Android users in which the colorful candies should be arranged according to their colors to crush with themselves. The candies will be a visual treat for the users by presenting in various colors and designs. In addition to that, the animation in this game plays a major role to attract the Android users. The various types of candies used in this game are Lemon drops, Blue lollipops, red jelly beans, orange lozenges and much more.. These candies are used well in the game and the graphics are arranged perfectly to the game play.

Challenging Levels:

One of the main reasons for candy crush saga being the addictive game for Android users is the challenging levels with lots of interesting game play. The levels are in big numbers, which will make the gamer to finish many levels as possible. After getting updates from the team, the levels and the performance will be increased. It will be a never ending game with several numbers of episodes and exciting levels. Along with the levels, the graphics and the difficulty level will be increased.

Magical Booster:

The users can unlock some magical boosters by finishing the challenging levels and by gaining some points. There are some magical boosters to be unlocked by the users are coconut wheel, color bomb, the red hand or free switch, boosters, jelly fish, wrapped and stripped booster, sweet tooth, lollipop hammer, +5 extra moves, bomb cooler, mystery candy booster, the bubble gum troll booster and moon struck booster. These magical boosters will be useful for the users in difficult levels.

Game Play:

One of the main advantages of this game is the game play, which will make the users get addicted at the very first level. The game makes the users to get addicted to its sound effects, animations, graphics and the colorful candies. An interesting thing is that the magical boosters can be unlocked by matching more than 3 candies and then to finish the game quickly with minimum moves.An awesome feature present in the game is that the user can switch to multi-player mode to compete with your friends by challenging them with the scores.

Even the beginners can play the game and easily they can understand the features in it. At the very first level, they can easily play the game without any guidance or any help from the experienced gamer. Children can also play the game easily without any confusion with the game moves.

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