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Can Playing Video Games Boost Creativity?


Most of the population who has a smartphone and a stable internet connection might have played a video game at least once. Statista reported that 2 billion people in the world were playing video games in 2015 and the number would reach over 3 billion by 2023. Moreover, a research report titled, ‘The Benefits of Playing Video Games’ suggests that 97% of American adolescents play video games for at least an hour every day.

Whether playing video games with or without warzone hack is good for health or not has been a heated topic since video games have existed. Sometimes, psychologists hold that the effect of video games can be compared with the effect of having food. If the right quality and quantity of food are consumed, it can make you healthy. More would make you skinny, less would make you gluttonous. The same goes for video games.

Playing video games improves creativity

A study published in a creativity research journal reflects on the creativity of gamers. It has been found that games like Minecraft are responsible for encouraging gamers to put some creativity into play.

The research was conducted on 352 participants. They compared the effects of playing Minecraft with watching TV or playing racing video games. After 40 minutes of playing and watching, they were assigned a task that needed creativity. The group playing Minecraft was also divided into people who were instructed to be creative and who have not instructed anything at all.

It was found that the group that played Minecraft without instructions scored the best and those who played it with instructions scored lowest. Professor Douglas Gentile of Iowa State University also suggested that freedom of choice also played a major role in the group scoring better.

Jorge Blanco-Herrera, who led the study, concluded that the instructed group’s motivation was negatively affected by instructions. When they were told to be creative, their brain started functioning in a limited manner.

It doesn’t matter if the game is violent or non-violent

A study conducted by Michigan State University on 500 middle school students revealed that students who played any kind of video game were more creative than those who didn’t play any.

The study was a part of MSU’s Children and Technology Project. The study relied on the Torrance Test of Creativity-Figural for gauging the creativity of the students and took account of the different kinds of technology that they used.

One of the tasks in the Torrance test involved children drawing something, giving it a name, and write a story about it. The study also found that boys played games associated with energy and violence while girls showed interest in games that were more interactive like scrabble, chess, or Minecraft.

Your mood after playing matters

Another study by Penn State University found that player’s mood after playing the game matters. S. Shyam Sundar, a professor at the varsity says that your attention needs to be defocused for better creativity. After playing Dance Dance Revolution, the subjects were assigned a questionnaire.

The questions were simple whether they felt energetic or emotionally positive or negative. The results were astonishing. Players with less energy and negative feelings were more creative and players with positive feelings and low arousal scored more at problem-solving.

In simple words, people who were sad or happy after the game were more creative, while angry or relaxed people couldn’t do much.

Other benefits of playing video games

Research published in 2014 has established the benefits of playing video games with or without hacks. The empirical study shows that: –

It improves cognitive thinking

Some randomly selected naïve gamers, who have hardly or never played video games, were assigned to play action games. Action games are shooting games like PUBG, Warzone, Grand Theft Auto, Apex Legends, etc. some of them were directed to play another type of video game.

The group that played shooting games were showed improvement in skills like attention span, spatial resolutions in visual senses, and mental calculation.  Another study projected that an fMRI scan found the frontoparietal part of the brain to be less active in shooter game players. This part is responsible for attention allocation. It concludes that gamers who play shooter games are able to direct their mental energy more efficiently and filter irrelevant information fast.

It improves intrinsic personality development

Children often develop and believe that intelligence is either a part of an entity that cannot be developed. Others believe in incremental theory where intelligence can be developed with effort and time. Video games encourage students to believe in the latter because video games reflect an immediate survey of efforts made by the player.

In short, every aspect of technology is good if it is exploited in limits and reasonable restrictions. Like food can make you gluttonous, excessive playing can harm you in more ways than you can imagine.

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