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Businesses That Need Scrum Masters in 2021


For the last few years, there has been a steady trend in industries adapting to scrum and agile technology. Standing in 2021, for a result-oriented enterprise, automatically calls for scrum masters who can rightfully implement these essential methodologies. Companies have at times tried to implement the scrum methodology to enhance their management and work outputs, without the scrum guardian, the scrum master. Needless to say, they haven’t been successful. Thus, in 2021 having a certified scrum master in your team, is not just advantageous but a necessity. Apart from Information technology and Software development, here 5 top industries that demand certified scrum masters.

Financial Institutions

Establishments in the 21st century that provide for financial services are seeking the benefits of the Scrum framework and its methodologies. In this day and age of trying to provide accurate and mobile financial solutions in the form of applications and websites, to clients from the comfort of their homes, precise and quick results are a constant requirement. Which a well-trained certified scrum master provides for.

Construction Services

Construction companies require the daily handling of several processes, where superior-quality results are required within a limited time. What a CSM training builds you for. A scrum master can make sure, that without spending extravagant finances, the construction processes are within the scheduled time, with uncompromised finesse and throughout the management is extremely efficient and without friction.

Manufacturing and Production Sectors

The Scrum methodology is not limited to sectors dealing with software solutions. This has been time and again proved in manufacturing infrastructures. Production of new items is not always without faults and the consequences can end up being costlier than the manufacturing of the item itself. A certified scrum master in a manufacturing team implements the scrum framework making sure, each finished product delivered is error-free, quick, and of the optimum quality.

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Governmental Positions

Numerous governmental establishments have often lagged off and mostly due to outdated technology and management processes. Many firms do take extensive time in funding solutions that don’t end up being delivered at all. This is why several agencies have now turned to implement scrum assisted by reliable, certified scrum masters.

Legal and Consulting Firms

The success responsible behind legal and consulting agencies is the deliverance of effective solutions within a limited time. Only then does a larger clientele turn to their assistance. Without successful deliverance of projects, a legal or consulting firm cannot stay at par with its competitors. A scrum master, on the other hand, drives the already working members, building a strong team that will only promise the best results.

Having a CSM certification can indeed open up many rewarding employment opportunities. For industries have understood the rewards of introducing the Scrum framework and employ scrum masters to assist this foundation. The largest employers of a certified scrum master are the IT sector, and apart from the fields discussed there are broader career options in Data analytics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive enterprises, and further. Some of the biggest industrial tycoons such as Google, Spotify, Adobe, Deloitte, Netflix, make use of the scrum framework in 2021, appointing certified scrum masters.

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