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Build A New Home While Keeping Your Address With A Knockdown Rebuild


If you live in an older house in Sydney, you surely are in a great location. This capital of New South Wales is one of the best urban areas to live in with its vicinity to pristine white beaches, national parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and iconic hubs like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

However, if you are sick of your old home but want to keep your address, you can readily do that with a knock down rebuild Sydney. Instead of buying a brand-new house elsewhere, knocking down your dilapidated house to build a new one could be the perfect solution to solve your issues.

You can keep on living in Sydney while enjoying the perks of a new house that’s been designed to cater to your family’s needs. Let’s explore the benefits of a knockdown rebuild:

Cheaper the Renovating

Renovating your home can cost the same, if not even more than knockdown rebuilds.

Renovations are very time-consuming because the builders have to work around the existing structure of your home. This makes the process very complicated. Sometimes, when they open up floorboards, unforeseen construction issues crop up, such as moldy baseboards, leaky plumbing, and unsound foundation.

You may end up spending so much that it’s just not worth the headache. A renovation project is also inconvenient because the construction debris will inevitably settle on your belongings, so you have to sanitize everything after the job is done.

More Affordable than Moving

When you buy and move to a new home, there are many fees to pay from stamp duty to realtor fees. Closing costs are also prohibitive along with the whole gamut of inspections, conveyance costs, and legal fees.

When you go for a knockdown rebuild in Sydney, you avoid paying stamp duty and all that other hassle. Perhaps, the only downside of this option is you may need to temporarily move out, with your things in storage, while everything is being guild from scratch. But this is a small price to pay for getting a customized new house in the address you love.

Keep Your Beloved Address

Apart from the financial aspect, the more important consideration is your lifestyle. When you buy a new house, your family will have to adjust yourself to a new location. You may need to find new work opportunities.

This also means your kids will need to leave their school district and their friends. You will also bid farewell to neighbours you now consider as family. Oh no, how utterly heartbreaking! If you love your area, then moving away is clearly not a great option. With a knockdown rebuild, you can keep your lifestyle and get a brand new home. This is clearly the winning scenario!

Gives You the Freedom of Customization

If you opt for a knockdown rebuild, you are starting back on square one. You have now been given a blank canvas so you can make your dream into a reality. Renovations will force you to work with your current house structure. It will compromise your preferences.

A fresh start opens up a world of opportunities for you. You can tailor-fit your house and include details that you love from the tile on your bathroom to the handles of your kitchen cabinets. You can also choose to include modern amenities to simplify your life, such as an energy-saving thermostat, smart door locks, and intuitive lighting.

In the planning stages, you may be intimidated by the concept of a knockdown rebuild. It would help to consult a reliable builder so you will be educated on the process. Being informed will help you manage your expectations.

Remember, if you are patient, you will reap the rewards. Those of you who have outgrown your old house and honestly want change can consider this method. It is the only option capable of giving you your dream home without you leaving your beloved home address.

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