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A Brief Review of Stellar Repair for Outlook


More than 400 million people across the world use Microsoft Outlook for a variety of storage needs. These include storing mails, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, etc. To effectively manage this range of data offline, you need an offline data file or Microsoft Outlook PST (personal storage) data file.

The PST data file is an offline file that conveniently backs up all the important data you want to store. Thus, it rids your computer of unnecessary load. Sadly, PST files are easily corruptible and a small error can completely damage them, making it easy to lose all your stored data. To remedy this, Outlook provides a free repair tool, the Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to help combat common errors. Quite unfortunately, this tool can’t fix all errors.

Luckily, there are certain professional tools that can fix all errors and restore lost files. One of such tools is the Stellar Repair for Outlook.

What is Stellar Repair for Outlook?

Stellar Repair for Outlook is a tool that functions by restoring all lost, accidentally deleted or corrupted data files stored on Outlook. Thus, it ensures minimal data loss or damage form PST corruption. Additionally, it scans damaged PST files and extracts them before saving them as new usable PST files.

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Stellar Repair for Outlook is an easy-to-use software that is built especially for people without any technical skills. It works in three basic steps:

  • First, it identifies the problem by scanning the files
  • Then, it previews the recoverable items
  • Lastly, it enables you to select the data you want to save and save them upon recovery

Key Features of Stellar Repair for Outlook

Stellar Repair for Outlook has numerous features that make it a highly efficient software for repairing and restoring lost and corrupted PST data files. Below are some of these features.

#1 Large PST File Recovery

The software is capable of restoring all data files regardless of their size, that is, whether small or large. A primary reason for this is its ability to yield 100% precision in mailbox data reconstruction. Also, it possesses an advanced scan engine that enables it to parse severely corrupted PST files. Moreover, it can restore password-protected files without the password.

#2 Deleted Mailbox Items Recovery

Several users have deleted certain items in their mailboxes sometimes. This deletion can either be intentional or accidental. It can also be due to an unintended system formatting or a virus attack, among others. Regardless of the cause of the deletion, Stellar Repair for Outlook makes it easy to retrieve the deleted files. Hence, ensuring that no PST file is truly lost anymore.

#3 Rapid and Easy Recovery

Stellar Repair for Outlook has a powerful algorithm that enables it to easily repair any form of data corruption. It also enables it to instantly recover all lost data files. This is usually done in three basic steps: select, scan and preview, and save recovered data.

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#4 File Saving Options

This software can export recovered data in multiple formats, including PST, RTF, MSG, PDF, HTML, and EML formats. This feature enhances user convenience as it ensures the portability of files. Thus, enabling them to open the recovered data using any app of their choice. Additionally, it enables users to save the recovered file in their preferred location. This includes their internal storage system, external hard drive, and network storage (Cloud, NAS, SAN, and WAN).

Moreover, users can save and view detailed log reports of the file restoration process for future reference.

#5 Previews Recoverable Data

This recovery tool displays an enhanced tree-like preview of recoverable data components. In fact, the latest software version previews email body text as well as embedded hyperlinks. It also previews contacts, journals, tasks, and calendars, among others. From the preview pane, users can retrieve the specific email and save them at their preferred location.

#6 Technician Edition

The technician edition of the Stellar Repair for Outlook is built especially for advanced users. This edition enables its users to optimize Outlook performance by splitting or compacting large-sized files. And as a result, it reduces the chances of data corruption and improves Outlook manageability. Further, it allows its users to directly export the recovered data to Office 365.

How to Restore Data from Damaged PST File Using Stellar Repair for Outlook?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can restore data from a damaged PST File using this software.

#1 Step One: Launch the software

#2 Step Two: Locate the damaged file

Once it is open, locate the top ribbon and click “Outlook PST.” A pop-up screen will appear asking whether to find or browse a PST File for repair. Click “Browse” if you know the exact location of the file. Otherwise, click “Find” to search for the file.

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After, click “Repair” to launch the Outlook restoration process.

#3 Step Three: Scan the corrupted file

The tool will scan the corrupted file. Take note, however, that the estimated scan duration depends on the file size and extent of corruption. When the scan is done, the software will preview the restored items in the left pane. You can browse and select these items by selecting each folder.

#4 Step Four: Save the restored file

Select the folder you want to restore in the previewed section. Then, click “Save Repaired File” in the Home tab in the top ribbon. After, a pop-up screen will appear with numerous file format options. Choose your preferred option, preferably PST, and click “Browse.” Then, click ”OK” to save.

  • Stellar Repair for Outlook ensures that no file can be truly lost
  • It is easy to use
  • It fixes corrupted files quickly and easily
  • It does not require any technical skill to operate
  • It repairs all PST file sizes
  • It previews repaired PST files
  • The free plan does not support recovery
  • The paid plans can be expensive


If you use Outlook and store a plethora of important data, especially emails, on your computer in PST format, you need the Stellar Repair for Outlook. This is because it is your best protection against all forms of PST data loss or corruption.

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