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Boom 3D For Windows Review | Best Audio Enhancer


Have you ever wondered how you can boost the volume on your Windows device? Most devices feature average sound systems with quite low audio volumes. However, you don’t have to limit your experience to the basic technology that comes with your laptop or computer. Instead, you can improve the audio quality by using professionally designed audio enhancement software. In this article, we are going to show you how to boost audio volume and quality on Windows devices in order to experience music in a whole new way!

Meet Global Delight Technologies

Global Delight Technologies is an industry-leading software developer company that offers a wide range of programs and applications for multiple kinds of devices. They have created applications for taking audio, photos, and videos to the next level on devices such as iPhones, Mac computers, Android phones, as well as Windows computers. Global Delight Technologies has made an enormous contribution to the market with the introduction of the innovative 3D surround sound technology.

Their surround sound system brings the kind of audio quality that you would expect from expensive audio setups. However, all their professionally designed products are available at affordable prices, making stunning audio quality available for everyone! Thus, Global Delight Technologies have taken a step further in allowing Windows users to bypass audio limitations on their devices and experience the quality of a professional 3D surround sound audio system.

How to Boost Audio with Boom 3D for Windows


Global Delight Technologies has recently launched a new audio enhancer for Windows devices called the Boom 3D. As a top quality volume booster for Windows, Boom 3D was designed to offer a comprehensive music experience to all users. This enhancer does not only increase the volume of audio on your device but it also allows you to customize the sound and create presets to easily adjust bass and volume control in the future.

For starters, the Boom 3D volume booster for windows offers multiple features, including equalizers, presets, and audio effects. However, the best thing about it is that it is completely user-friendly and very simple to use. In other words, you don’t have to be a professional audio engineer to create professional effects and enhance audio with Boom 3D.

In order to start using the application, you need to download it on the desired device. A free download of the Boom 3D audio enhancer for Windows 10 and other software versions is available at the Global Delight Technologies website. Once the app is installed on the device, launch it to start exploring the exciting world of 3D surround sound technology.

Before you get started with enhancing the quality of your audio, you need to create a Boom account, which is quite easy to. The professional Global Delight Technologies software developers have allowed users to connect multiple devices and manage them through the Boom account for the sake of convenience. From here you can access all Boom 3D features, such as adjustable toggle bars and audio effect icons, as well as advanced settings designed to help you customize your sound to your preferences.

You can easily control the bass using a simple control toggle bar. The volume of the audio can be customized the same way. These toggle bars allow users to apply changes to the audio and modulate the sound with a single click. The intensity slider conveniently gives the user full control over the audio output, along with additional audio effects for unique sound and quality.

The Benefits of Boom 3D for Windows


After you try multiple audio enhancement applications that are complicated and don’t provide the best results, you will understand why the market had such an enormous need for a high quality volume booster for Windows. Luckily, Global Delight Technologies have stepped forward and brought numerous benefits to Windows users all over the world. Here is a list of advantages that this professional software provides:

  • The ease of use – Boom 3D makes complex audio features simple and easy to use, allowing amateurs and ordinary users to create professional audio effects.
  • Boosting volume – The software takes the audio volume of your device through the roof.
  • Advanced equalizers – Boom 3D offers professional equalizers for Windows, allowing you to customize the sound and create a unique experience.
  • Radio access – Thanks to Global Delight Technologies, you can access over 20 000 local and international radio stations from a total of 120 countries.
  • 3D Surround Sound quality – The innovative 3D Surround Sound technology allows you to enjoy top quality audio on any headset or device.
  • Custom presets – 3D Boom allows you to save applied audio settings into customized presets and use them again in the future. Once you find your favorite audio effects, you will be able to easily access them later
  • Well-organized features – All features within the application are well-organized and easy to find. For example, a variety of presets is neatly crafted into different genres of music, providing multiple categories you can choose from.
  • Easy to use controls – Control audio volume, output, bass, and other settings with simple toggle bars.


There are numerous reasons why you might want to enhance the audio quality on your device. Boom 3D volume booster for windows will allow you to enjoy theater-quality sounds when watching movies on your device, as well as listen to music in a whole new way. The application can be downloaded for free, while the introductory price for the product is $14.99. The regular price of the Boom 3D audio enhancer for Windows is $39.99.

We suggest you to hurry up and take the opportunity while Global Delight Technologies are still offering the product at a much lower price! After all, for as little as $14.99 you can get the kind of sound quality that is expected from the most expensive 3D Surround Sound systems. If you have any questions about audio enhancement or the use of the application, you can contact the company’s support team.

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  1. Hrwasp says

    I purchased this software in hopes of making Win10 sound better, but after 12 minutes and realizing you need to be connected to the internet ALL the time, otherwise goes to trial version, I requested a refund. Yes 12 minutes, 3 emails, FB conversation, and 3 months later, I still have not received my refund. They now state that they have a 30 day window for a refund (12 min fall well within that window) and the only option I have is to open a Paypal account. I do not wish to open yet another account, they have HORRIBLE customer service. At best, it might be worth $5.95 since it really does not enhance anything. BUYER BEWARE.

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