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How to Block IP Address


How To Block IP AddressThere are several conditions when we need to hide our identity on internet. If you don’t want to allow anyone to track your location on the internet then you need to hide your IP Address. Whenever you visit any site, you leave you identity on their servers allowing them to track your information for later use. If you are using Google Chrome on windows then you can check a visual graph on demand that who are tracking you information. Installing an extension called Collusion for Chrome, you can track which websites are tracking you information after your visit on their website.

But, before we begin. You should know about Proxy.

How To Block IP Address (2 Ways):-

What is Proxy Server?

Whenever you use internet, you are assigned an IP (Internet Protocol) Address. You can check out your IP Address here. Whenever, you visit any website, your IP Address is transmitted to those websites server. Hence, they knowing your IP Address can track you. So it is better to Block IP Address if doing any illegal action on the internet.

Well, proxy server acts as a medium between you and the website you are visiting. The webpage you request is then requested by proxy server keeping your identity hidden online. Your IP Address is only known by proxy Server you are using. The requested page is then sent to proxy server and in return Proxy server sends it back to you. Hence, you remain anonymous on the internet.

Types of proxy servers:

There are different types of proxy servers you can use. Their working method is different but their aim same.

  1. Web-based proxies:- The Web-based proxies are just like using a website to block IP Address. You can visit these proxy website just by entering their URL in the address bar. You need to put the address of website you want to visit and hit enter. This is the easiest and safest way to use internet.
  2. Open Proxies:- These proxy servers are opened and are harmful to use. These type of proxies are not secure and contain malicious software which can harm your computer. I recommend to not to use them.
  3. Anonymity Networks:- These type of Proxies are created by ordinary users like you and me by donating our bandwidth. Hence, as a result these proxies are often too slow to use and harmful too.
  4. VPN (Virtual Private Network):- These type of proxies provides you a virtual network leaving you to be hosted by proxy companies. Any data you use directly comes from those companies or organizations.
  5. Paid Proxy Software:- As the name suggests, they are paid and hence they should be most trusted. These type of proxies are most secure and don’t leak your any information anywhere. You can use internet like the way you want being anonymous on the internet.

How to use Web-based proxies:-

The best way to find web-based proxy server website is to visit It is the website which maintains a fresh list of websites. The chances are that the proxy website which is popular may be blocked by your administrator computer if you use it on your school or anywhere else. Hence, popular website doesn’t work at these places. Try to find relevant proxies which are unknown by your administrator computer. Using this, you are opened to those websites. Use it if want quick solution for your problems.

i. Simply go to

Proxy Servers List

ii. Choose from the list of available proxy websites.

iii. Go to that website.

4everproxy Website Block IP Address

iv. Fill in the address of the website to browse anonymously.

4everproxy Block IP Address

One thing I would like to say that you know the proxy server first interpret the data to send to you. Chances are that the webpage don’t load correctly. It is recommended to use proxy server that are close to your location. Doing this will reduce response time as well.

Using VPN software:-

VPN (Virtual Private Network) are software which you can download online. They are most secure than web-based proxies. They also come with paid license. Instead of providing your browser’s identity to web-proxies, they keep you totally hidden on the internet. Buying a license makes you eligible to gain access to thousands of websites. VPN software are also used for ISPs to increase internet speed by connecting to different servers.

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