3 Best Wisconsin Flat Fee MLS Companies

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best wisconsin flat fee mls companies

A listing agent is the least necessary aspect when selling your home. Instead, you can save that 6% commission and do it yourself. But to sell your home without the help of a traditional listing agent, you need to know which is the best flat fee MLS in Wisconsin. Because the flat fee MLS Wisconsin sellers use will determine the success of the sale.

#1 Houzeo

Rated the #1 Flat fee MLS listings service in Wisconsin, Houzeo is the most flexible option if you’re exploring the possibilities of an FSBO sale.

Houzeo allows you to complete the listing, submit documentation, and sign online at a starting price of only $299. The web app guides you through the process, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Using Houzeo, you can also determine your buyer agent commissions, negotiate the deal online, and get assistance when you close (depending on the pricing option you select).

On the $429 pricing tier – cheaper than any other flat fee MLS listing Wisconsin sellers’ can access – Houzeo provides everything you need to establish a lucrative sale. You get the maximum number of property photographs allowed by an MLS, 10 free changes to your listing, a 6-month listing term, and federal and state disclosures.

#2 Madcity Homes

As the oldest flat fee MLS in Wisconsin, Madcity Homes’ website and user interface feel a little dated comparatively speaking. However, the features you get for the $500 investment are plentiful if you contrast it with a traditional listing agent. One of these benefits is to pay a $2500 flat fee at closing and get a bit more hands-on service from a broker. But, even with the initial $500 fee, you get a 6-month listing and professional photographs and walkthrough.

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Although Madcity Homes has made it onto the top 3 list, it still has some significant handicaps, especially for sellers willing to invest a nominal amount upfront to get the convenience and control with alternatives.

The first downside to listing with Madcity homes is: you have one of three buyer agent commission options – 2%, 2.5%, or 3%. You also only have syndication to the South-Central WI MLS. If your home is outside the radius of the South-Central WI MLS, find another flat fee MLS.

#3 Lake Country Flat Fee

Lake County Flat Fee is a flat fee real estate brokerage. They don’t have any upfront fee since you pay the $2,500 cost at closing. If you want a full-service realtor without the 3% cost, they’re ideal. They target SE Wisconsin and provide support and services necessary to a successful listing. The only downside is you have zero flexibility or control over buyer agent commission, which means you have to pay $2,500 + 2.4% at closing. Furthermore, the process is entirely manual, taking the same amount of time as it would with a traditional listing agent.

Nevertheless, it’s a reliable option if you don’t mind making a modest saving and enjoy working with established businesses.

After selecting one of these best flat fee MLS listing services, Wisconsin home sellers’ next step should be making themselves available for private showings. Most serious buyers will communicate with their agent to schedule a showing so they have ample time to explore the property and home.

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