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Best Unlimited Data Plans of T-Mobile: Understand Interesting Facts


Nowadays, internet browsing is becoming standard on cell phones. You will need the internet to play games, upload content on social media, and stream online videos. For the convenience of customers, T-Mobile offers different unlimited plans. You can find complete details of My Family Mobile and T-Mobile at Snipon website.

T-Mobile Magenta Plus

If you need a regular plan, get Magenta Plus because it offers some fantastic perks for almost $15. It includes a 20GB of hotspot allowance 4G LTE, unlimited HD video, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and faster data speeds on Gogo-enabled flights.

  • 20GB 4G LTE hotspot allowance
  • Unlimited streaming HD
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited text, talk, and data of 5GB in Canada and Mexico, and 2G data in over 210 countries

If you want to improve the quality of the video, this data plan can be ideal. You can enjoy full HD streaming of your favorite content with Magenta Plus. With Hotspot 20GB allowance, you can get the advantage of LTE 4G speeds.

You can get the advantage of reliable coverage. A complete coverage map is available on T-Mobile. Make sure to double-check coverage of T-Mobile in your area before investing money. This deal is available at $75.

T-Mobile Magenta

It is possible to purchase T-Mobile Magenta for almost $70 per month. With this plan, you will get exclusive perks, such as unlimited data and text in over 140 countries and unlimited hotspot usage at 3G speeds.

  • Excellent international perks
  • 3GB full-speed, unlimited 3G, 4G hotspot data

You can get global privileges with this plan. With this plan, you can get unlimited data, text, and talk in Canada and Mexico. If you have to spend time on the border, it can be a valuable perk. Magenta offers you unlimited hotspot 3G data and 3GB of 4G data.

There is no need to choose between standard-definition and high-definition video on 480p or SD definition. It is suitable for HD viewing on smartphone screens. This package is excellent for YouTubing and Netflixing.

T-Mobile Essentials

Essentials plan of T-Mobile can be an affordable option. You can get one line for almost $60 and two lines for $90. If you need four lines, you have to pay $120 per line. Feel free to deprioritize customer data as per your convenience.

  • The unlimited network is available for a reasonable price
  • Unlimited usage of hotspot at 3G speeds

The essentials T-Mobile plan offers some great perks and international features, such as 2GB data, text, and talk in Canada and Mexico. This facility is available to more than 210 countries. Essentials plan offers unlimited hotspot, but it is restricted to 3G speeds. Data de-prioritization is a fantastic perk. You can get the benefits of this facility during network congestion.

Final Verdict

Remember, the wireless market becomes a battlefield among four major carriers. All big names, such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T try to wrestle subscribers. This competition becomes beneficial for customers because they can get the best plans. Nowadays, the popularity of T-Mobile’s unlimited plans is increasing. These are packed with maximum perks and features.

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