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The Best Technology for Seniors In 2020


Staying up to date with the latest technology is important for people of all ages but can be especially beneficial for seniors. Technology generally makes life easier and more enjoyable for people, adding a layer of convenience to everyday life tasks. Technology is constantly being innovated and updated in order to make it the best it can be; so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology.

If you are a senior and enjoy learning what the latest technology is, this post will detail some of the best technological innovations for seniors so far this year.

Technology for Seniors That is Worth Investing In

Seniors can benefit the most from technology because of the ease that it adds to everyday life. An in-home senior care provider pointed out that in-home technology is particularly beneficial for seniors that can not move around easily due to surgery or an illness. With that being said, in addition to technology acting as a means of entertainment for seniors, it can also make everyday tasks easier and more feasible. Here are some technological innovations to consider as a senior:

Smart Home Appliances

Smart home appliances are perhaps the best technology for seniors when it comes to making their life easier if they can not get around easily. There are thousands of smart home appliances to choose from that are not only convenient but also interesting to use; here are some of the most popular smart home appliances:

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to control the temperature of their homes from remote locations using a mobile app. Most thermostats are on a timer and go off and on at the same time every day, whether or not someone is home. Most thermostats are also only able to be controlled by physically going up to it and manipulating the settings. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, do not require people to physically move to change the temperature; a feature that is beneficial for seniors that struggle to walk.

Similarly, smart thermostats will save seniors who may be on a tight budget because they can turn the heat and air off when they aren’t home since they can control it from their smartphone.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Like smart thermostats, smart irrigation systems can be controlled from one’s phone, making the need to manipulate the systems manually unnecessary. Smart irrigation systems can be turned on and off when necessary all from the touch of a button on one’s phone. Most irrigation systems are on a timer and in order to change when they go off- perhaps it has been raining more than normal- one must manually change the settings on the systems which can be challenging for seniors.

Smart thermostats may also help retired seniors save money because they can be turned off easily when they aren’t needed, cutting down on the water bill; a feature that is enticing to seniors that no longer work.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting allows seniors to turn lights on and off from mobile devices; these lights are great for seniors that can’t walk well or for seniors that may have gotten some sort of surgery. Turning lights on and off is a necessary part of everyday life but can be complicated for the elderly. Smart lighting offers a solution to this issue.

Smart WiFi Systems

WiFi systems like Alexa, the Google Nest, and Eero are all controlled by your voice. After setting one of these systems up once, they make life easier and can control a number of things throughout your home, making life convenient for seniors. Smart WiFi systems can be commanded to send daily reminders and notifications, act as a motion detector, and can control lights in a home.

Smart Watches

Smartwatches are perhaps the most innovative and important technology for seniors because of the health benefits that they provide. Smartwatches can track vital signs, monitor heart rates, and track movement/exercise. With these health benefits, they can also send daily notifications to remind seniors to do things such as taking medicine.

Smartwatches are also great for seniors because they give seniors the ability to make an emergency call if necessary. For example, if a senior falls and can not get up and doesn’t have access to a cell phone, he or she can call for help on his or her smartwatch.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Technology

Whether you are a senior yourself or you have a senior in your life, it will be beneficial for you to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology that can help seniors’ everyday lives. There are many versions of each of the technologies discussed above, take it upon yourself to find the version that is best for you or your loved one.

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