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How to Write an Extended Essay: Best Tech Tools


By now, I am sure you are interested in knowing about what extended essays because why else would you be on this page? A lot of students enrolled in IB learning buy extended essays and there’s no harm about it. However, if you are willing to learn about how to write extended essays, you have come to the right page like do my essay cheap.

When it comes to extended essays, students are always worried given the weightage the essay holds for the entire diploma. Queries such as, “how many words is it in an extended essay?” to “how to write extended essay definition?” are some of the top concerns.

If you have them as well, you are not the only one. In this article, we will talk about the tech tools you can incorporate to make your extended essay an easy task.

Studyblr Tips suggest that schools and parents always encourage students to use online learning tools for better learning. With respect to an extended essay, you can also incorporate online writing tools to perform in a better manner.

Before we shed light on the numerous essay writing tech tools that you can incorporate while writing your extended essay, let’s first talk about what an extended essay is.

An extended essay offers a unique chance to students where they can explore a particular academic area, they are interested in. This an independent research paper in the form of an essay where enrolled students get to showcase their intellectual interest, enthusiasm, and passion in a creative manner. Through this type of essay, students get to develop academic skills such as self-management, critical thinking, and research expertise.

Great emphasis is drawn on the reflection and the engagement incorporated in the entire process of research. If you are wondering whether you can write an extended essay in one night, you are mistaken. You need to be fully aware of the topic and incorporate the right knowledge and sources while writing an extended essay. Each extended essay has a word limit; therefore, making it difficult for one to finish in just a few hours.

Furthermore, every extended essay is built around a certain discipline, requiring students to write the required theories and knowledge. One of the most important reasons behind an extended essay is that it needs to be supported by the discipline you are studying.

Depending on the chosen subject, the assignment of writing an extended essay begins with forming the research questions by understanding, evaluating and interpreting evidence in the light of argument construction. Do you still think you can do all of this in one night?

So, moving on. Now that we know some basics of how to write a good extended essay, let’s move on to the next point. To write a good extended essay, you need to be sure of the various online essay writing tech tools which can be incorporated.

#1 Read-Able

While the effectiveness and the quality of the IB extended essay remain subjective, as a student, your duty is to make sure that you meet the grading criteria as closely as possible.

One of the most important requirements is to present a readable essay. Read-Able offers an automated tool that allows you to test the readability standard of the work. This online tool offers to check your results and know whether a complex sentence structure is the right way to go or not.

#2 Quillpad

When it comes to writing an essay, it could get a little boring for students. In fact, students believe writing an essay is one of the most boring requirements in academia. However, Quillpad really makes things interesting for students. The online writing tool is filled with books and resources that make writing easy and fun. Plus point is that it also enhances the vocabulary of students.

With this online writing tech tool, students can determine whether the content makes sense or not. So, you get quality content alongside learning new techniques of writing.

#3 The Grammar Gorillas

Grammar mistakes can really make your A+ essay go to B-. Instead of getting your marks/grades downgraded due to the mistakes, invest your time in improving some basic grammar skills. The Grammar Gorillas is like a game; you need to give the hungry gorillas bananas by identifying and spotting different parts of speech.

Now, this isn’t really a tool for writing the extended essay, but it can overall help you building strong grammar skills that can help you.

So, by now we hope we have addressed your concern on how to write an extended essay IB. Make sure you follow these tips and tech tools to excel in your program.

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