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The Best Streaming Devices To Upgrade Your Smart TV


Companies that stream have been moving consumers into the future by allowing you to stay home while watching movies, listening to music, or conducting work-related tasks. The devices used to connect you to these services can vary depending on the manufacturing company. Smart Televisions even have access to most of the streaming applications. Unfortunately, the TVs usually lag because the “sticks” that you can plug into them have far better processors than the built-in ones. TV apps are behind when it comes to updates and newer versions, making your experience full of connection problems.

The bottom line is that it is far better to get an add-on device that is designed for streaming. There are numerous types that you can purchase. Some have older technology while others have top-of-the-line software. Every year improvements are made, and new updates are provided.

The top four that seem to come upon every list are:

  1. Roku Ultra  – Roku sticks always manage to be at the top of the list. CNN ranks this unit as the best overall. The Roku Ultra will automatically adjust and optimize your viewing experience depending on the highest capability of the TV. It has a quad-core processor which gives a fast response time and allows for a fluid stream. The improved wi-fi helps prevent lagging. The app is easy to customize for each profile and the unit comes with a remote that is simple to use.
  2. Apple TV 4K – Streaming devices that are at the top of the list would not be complete without the mention of the Apple TV 4K. This is an Apple-made product that has their specific made A12 chip for fast streaming without interruptions. It also has more apps than the other devices, as well as gaming platforms. It is updated enough to allow you to have more than one app open at a time. Much like a computer, you can simply go from tab to tab for quicker access. The device also comes with a great remote, and you can cast straight from a compatible Apple product.
  3. Chromecast with Google TV – Chromecast software in these devices allows you to have fast responses and gives you a pleasurable viewing experience. You can connect this device to Google Assistant, which makes things easier and more convenient. It also comes with a remote and has been set up so you can cast from your device.
  4. Amazon Fire TV – The last device chosen for this list is the Amazon version. This one is geared towards their own streaming apps. If you have Amazon Prime then this is the perfect device for you. It caters to the videos that you can stream from their platform. It does offer than other mainstreaming companies. You can also hook this up to Alexa and it has a far-field microphone for a hands-off experience. It also has a DVR feature so local programming can be recorded and watched later. Furthermore, you can watch movies on Fire TV from a large Amazon library of exclusive content.

These top four devices have updated software with many different features that cater to you, as the consumer. Each one has better streaming capabilities than most stand-alone smart TVs. Depending on your budget, and your needs, one of these will work for you.

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