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10 Best Staff Scheduling Software for Small and Large Office


Having to handle the workforce at any business is something that goes beyond control most of the times. During the earlier days when we had no software support or computers to assist in the office management, many companies employed special staff for employee scheduling. However, that is a story long gone by. We have software tools now to assist in employee scheduling. This article aims at helping you out with a proper selection of Staff Scheduling Software for your requirements.

Top 10 Staff Scheduling Software for your requirements

The employee scheduling has now been made easy with a host of staff scheduling software tools. The options featured here are well optimised for all your requirements. Let us list out the tools in the following paragraphs.

1. Planday

Planday has been one of the premiere staff scheduling software tools currently available. It offers you all the features you would expect from employee scheduling tools.

Some of the features of the tool are:

  • It comes with an online clock that integrates with your payroll system. This will ensure easier calculation of hours put in by your workers and pay.
  • It has easy to use interface and is capable of working on multiple platforms.
  • It ensures that no slot is left blank even when an employee is absent.
  • It lets the employees swap shifts

The tool is available on almost all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

2. WhenToWork

It is a web based solution for tracking employee schedules. You can use it to track time and attendance of your employees.

Some salient features of the tool are

  • The software has mobile apps both for Android and iOS
  • It comes with an integrated messaging service to let your employees know the changes in schedule
  • It can import employee schedules in different formats.
  • Color coded tabualation ensures easier understanding.
  • Costs are a little on the higher side

3. Zoomshift

Zoomshift has carved a niche for itself in the arena of staff scheduling software. Available for both Android and iOS, Zoomshift is one of the best staff scheduling tools.

Some noteworthy features of Zoomshift are

  • It comes with a simple and contemporary look
  • The tool sends reminders to the employees much before the shift begins
  • It offers real time updates in the form of emails, alerts and text messages
  • It has a good customer support team.

4. DRoster

DRoster is one of the best options for smaller businesses. One of the best options among free staff scheduling software tools, it offers great deal of customisation.

A few specific features of the tool include:

  • It is one of the basic scheduling software tool best suited for small businesses
  • It has time saving features as it does not need any steep learning curve.
  • You can use it for full shift coverage
  • There is no maximum mumber of employees you can use it with
  • However, it lacks several features that other software tools featured in this collection have

5. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is yet another online staff scheduling software tool. It comes with a host of inbuilt tools to help you manage your employees.

Some of the features worth mentioning can be summed up as:

  • It is a comprehensive tool for managing your workforce.
  • It comes with limitless sorting and customisation options
  • It offers affordable pricing structure
  • It operates with a modular approach – has many individual tools for separate functions
  • It automates each category of scedules depending upon the employees and their contract

6. eSchedule

eSchedule is one of the top staff scheduling software tools currently available. It operates on a SaaS model, thus works from any location.

A few special features of the tool are:

  • It comes with different scheduling tools to suit different needs
  • It supports both open and floating shifts.
  • It sends automatic email notifications to employees as soon as a new schedule is generated.
  • It can sync with Google calendar, Apple iCal and MS Office
  • The tool comes with fully customisable inteface
  • It has an Absence management Module which improves time management

More popular Staff Scheduling Softwares for your business:

7. Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule is one of the great tools for employee scheduling. However, it lacks simplicity and a little overpriced.

Salient features of the tool include:

  • It makes use of efficient use of your workforce
  • It aims at maximising labour charges and reduces needless overtimes
  • It gives you a fair idea of how to cut down on the labour costs
  • It offers mobile apps for an enhanced functionality.
  • The tabulations are simple and easy to understand
  • However, it has its claendars quite cluttered which may put off some users

8. Chronos

Chronos is one of the popular online scheduling platform. The tool is highly configurable and comfortably priced.

Here we go with specific features of the tool can be summed up as:

  • It comes with mobile scheduling through voice and text messaging
  • It can be treated as one of the best all in one tools for employee scheduling
  • The tool offers you a great deal of customisation
  • The pricing of the software is quite reasonably
  • The tool comes with mobile apps to aid you in employee scheduling

9. Shiftplanning

Shiftplanning is one of the robust means of scheduling your employees. It is best suited for both small and big organisations.

Some of the features worth mentioning include:

  • The software is capable of producing perfect timesheets without leaving any conflicts
  • It helps achieve a greater compatibility between employees and employers. Both of them can make amends to the schedule
  • The tool comes with great layout and easy to understand settings
  • The staff scheduling software work effortlessly both on laptop and mobile phone

10. ABC Roster

ABC Roster is a free staff scheduling software that has a flexible interface to work with. You can manage your employee’s availability, schedule, leave and other details quite easily.

Some salient features of the software include:

  • It can export the schedules created on it to PDF or MS Excel formats
  • It is quite simple to use and understand
  • It is one of the best tools to supervise your employees and keep a check on them
  • It sends emails to your employees once the schedule is ready.
  • It offers color coded tabulation for easy understanding.

In Conclusion

That concludes our top ten best staff scheduling software tools you can use to schedule your employee timesheets. You can choose the one that best one that suits your requirements. All the ten scheduling software tools featured in this list have their own set of advantages. We would welcome you to share your views and opinions on the tools enlisted in this compilation. If you think we have missed any of the apps worthy of being on this list, do share your views with us.

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