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Features That Make The Best Selling Vape Pens On The Market In 2017


Vape pens are the newest and considered coolest, refinement of electronic cigarettes. Its slender, long design resembling a fountain pen is where it got its name. The popularity of this device is increasing over time with more and more people switching from cigarette smoking to vaping and people opting for slimmer and more portable alternative to their bulky vaporizers.

Vape Pens Features

Still, many people are somehow clueless on how to find the right vape pen for them. You can learn more at Vaporizer Chief about vape pens and how to choose the right one for you.

It is important that you know the features that make up the best vape pen so you could make the right choice when you purchase one. Here are some of the features that make some vape pens highly saleable in the market today:

1. Long Battery Life

The battery is the life and core of a good vape pen experience and it is one of the most looked up feature when buying one. Needless to say, the length of a vape pen battery life spells the convenience that one can get from it.

Different brands offer different battery life longevity although many of these are made of the same materials. Make sure you find one with sufficient power to satisfy your need.

2. Compatibility of Concentrate

Vape pens can be used for different concentrates: vape oil, dry herbs, or wax. And this is perhaps an essential feature that people look for since not all vape pens are compatible for all these concentrates.

Although there are some people who prefer vape pens that are exclusively used for a specific concentrate, many enjoy the flexibility of those that allow them to experience different concentrates with their device.

Steel Disposable Vape Pen Traveler

3. Design and Aesthetics

The most attractive feature that easily gets the attention of vape pen buyers is, of course, the design and aesthetics of the vape pen. This includes the basic thinness that speaks of portability and handiness when used or carried around.

The overall look and design of the vape pen make it even cooler to use. Thus, many brands distinguished themselves from others in terms of design so they stand out and get more attention from people. If you are looking for Torch for Dabs then you must check Best Torch for Dabs guide, this is gonna help you for sure.

4. Cost

Finally, what is considered as the deciding factor in the purchase of vape pens are their prices. However, this doesn’t mean that a lower price automatically gets the spotlight, as people are becoming more wary of cheap imitations that only offers very poor performance. People opt for authentic ones that have all the features they need and can be bought at a considerable price.

By understanding these crucial features in vape pens, you gain the knowledge on how to best choose among different options that you find the market. As well, experts say that these same features will most likely be the same ones that people will look for in best- selling vape pens in the months and years to come.

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