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Best Proxy Sites To Access Blocked Facebook, YouTube & Other Sites


The craze of the social networking websites has transformed into the addiction in its users. Obviously, it is affecting the production level and active state of the human being. The offices and the companies are suffering from this threat. As a result, the companies have blocked many social media sites, including the Facebook as well as the video sharing site YouTube. Thus, many people have no option apart from staying away from their social network of their near and dear ones.

But, that is not the case anymore. The technology has provided the option to use the proxy sites that are highly fit to Access Blocked Facebook and other social media websites. Fortunately, the internet is full of such proxy websites which people can use as per their choice. Many of them provide appealing services, making the internet surfing smooth. But, this is also the trouble as people are not able to find out the best proxy site as per their needs. No issue! Here are the best proxy websites of that provide highly excellent services for accessing the Facebook as well as other social media websites.

Best Proxy Sites:


The is a popular proxy website which can be used to open any type of the blocked website by making use of the alternative IP Address. The whole website is designed for the very simple interface, offering the text box for entering the Uri on the home page along with multiple options to choose the preferred IP as per the user’s choice. It hides the real IP address of the PC and shows the chosen fake IP to mask the communication. The website has been in business for more than 3 years, offering satisfied services to the users. It is popular among the Facebook users with 14 Web IPs as well as 300+ Extension IPs. The site is free of cost and ranked 37302 in the Alexa ranking.


The is another popular proxy website which is used worldwide to access the blocked social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, eBay, Being, Twitter and so on. The home page has the simple design with the text bar and drop down menu list for the server IPs. The websites are known for the free of cost via-proxy access that too without affecting the data transfer speed. The website is in business for last 3 years, having the Alexa rank of 73831 at the time of publishing. With less number of options, the website is famous for the quick and lightweight access of the social media websites.


The is designed for the ultra lightweight access of the social media websites with sleek and simple interface. The website has been in the IT sector for 10 successful years and presenting the error free services for the users. With the Alexa rank of 46191, the server of the website is located in Chicago, US. The is designed for smooth access to the Facebook, YouTube as well as other websites, generally blocked, by making use of the advanced IP masking techniques by the experts of the IT industry.



The has been in the business for more than 6 years, and has gradually emerged as the top 5 proxy website of the year. The website provides the sophisticated and simple interface for accessing the blocked website by cleverly hiding the IP address of the server with advanced technology.

The above proxy websites are in the top rank in the list of the best proxy websites of for accessing social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others. User can choose any one of them as they are free of the cost and offer top notch services.

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