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Best Practices Of Omni-Channel Customer Support


The growing size of the consumer market sets the big stage for companies and entrepreneurs of various capacities to capitalize on this opportunity to earn a greater chunk of market share. In 2016, the consumer market was around $1.5 trillion and the number is continuously growing. With all the companies and businesses growing, spending resources and channeling focus is important to stay ahead of everyone else.

You have to ensure that even after the sale of the product; the customer speaks highly of you. This can be achieved by making a good quality product and even if there is a problem with the product, providing all sorts of customer support.

Having efficient customer support is crucial these days as the competition is quite tough and there is a little margin for error. There is a sudden rise in Omni-channel customer support. Today, the customer no longer relies on calling for assistance. They will use the channel that is the most convenient for them. It can be live chat, social media, email, knowledge base, or the company’s website.

If you run a large organization with Omnichannel customer support, here are some of the golden practices you should adopt in order to stay ahead of the rivals:

Understand the most preferred channels 

Your Omnichannel customer service must be built on strong foundations. Without the core principles, it is more likely to earn poor reviews and a bad reputation for your organization. The best strategy is to start with a strong foundation or a blueprint. You have to understand your customer base. This is done by using simple tools that will help you understand the platforms your customers use the most.

Once you figure out the most preferred channel, consider doing an audit. Does that channel have an active presence? Are the customers using the reviews to find answers to the most common channels? Once these questions are answered, you will be able to realize what the customers expect from your customer support and you can derive a strategy to make it even better. Then you should work on that specific channel first and try to make it better and more efficient. There should be a division of labor here. Many companies fail to realize the potential of one channel their customers use the most and work on other channels that have little influence on their services. As a result, they get poor reviews overall.

Improve Your Response Time

Try putting yourself in the position of the customer. Your Mediacom internet stops working suddenly while you were on an important task. You try to reach the Mediacom customer service through your phone and while reaching the technical department or talking to a human, it takes more than 20 minutes. What will you think of the service? Will you ever give good reviews on the internet? The answer is no. Instances like these may make or break your customer base. Therefore, make sure that your response time on all the channels is fast and the customer does not have to wait.

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