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Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $300 Of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Point and Shoot Camera Under 300

Hey fellas! You are doing great :D. Today we are back with our exclusive guide on best Point And Shoot Cameras Under $300.

With the advancement in the camera technology, more types of camera has be rolled out. Camera types like MirrorLess Camera, DSLR Camera, Point-And-Shoot Camera and Compact camera. Most important of all, we should read the difference between Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras. They are most closed to each other in specifications.

But today, let's talk about Point-And-Shoot Camera:-​

Don't worry if you are on a tight budget or don't want to mess up with camera settings. We are going to review some easy to use point and shoot digital cameras.

Do you like photographing all your adventures or just capturing stunning moments for life? Just take the camera without worrying of whether, click and capture ​your memories and all done. Nothing more. That's what a best point and shoot camera is known for!

ModelPriceRatingCheck Price
Canon PowerShot SX160$$$9.8 Check Price
Samsung WB350F$$9.4 Check Price
Sony CyberShot DSC-WX150 $$$8.8 Check Price
Nikon COOLPIX L820$$$8.3 Check Price
Fujifilm FinePix S4200 Digital Camera$$7.0 Check Price
Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 $$$8.4 Check Price

Some stories are very interesting to share with others with the help of pictures. But what if you don't have pictures, then even a most interesting story will go into boring sessions. No one will listen to you. That's the harsh truth.

That's why a good digital camera can do the magic for you. Suppose you went to some trip to foreign where many of peoples generally can't go and you had a lot of fun there. You came back and shared those happiest moments of your life with your friends, family, on social media etc. This way along with you, others will also be able to enjoy the feeling that you had there.

Really, with the invention of digital cameras, the life has really been awesome. Now, the past thing doesn't exist.​

In this guide, we will take a look at few top-rated camera models and the features they offer. This will ensure you that you buy a best point and shoot camera out of the box.

Important points to consider before buying a digital camera:-​

Point and Shoot cameras are those cameras in which everything is already set and you don't have to mess with settings. All you need to do is to take out your camera and start shooting.

If you want to configure your camera settings, then I advise you to not go with point and shoot camera. Obviously, there are tons of Digital Cameras which allows you to play with them. But a decent point and shoot camera don't need ​any configuration at all. You can't edit its settings.

Such camera are best if you are a beginners photographer or don't have any special interest in electronics, only just like to capture snaps.​

They are very cheap in price. But no no, stop assuming anything which can lead to divert your mind from buying an easy to use point and shoot camera. You are thinking about its picture quality, right?

The picture quality of the camera is amazing that you will never regret about it in future. The camera can configure and behave accordingly. Don't worry if you are capturing shots in mid-day or at night. The camera can change its settings and give your ultimate pleasure of taking photographs. Don't believe me? Read these best point and shoot camera reviews of peoples who bought the point and shoot cameras and decide yourself.

Features in a Simple Point And Shoot Camera:-

Buying a cheap point and shoot camera under 300 dollars obviously will not give professional features. But a ton of features which this camera offers are more than enough for ordinary peoples and beginner photographers. You will love this camera unless you are talking photography as a professional career.

A point and shoot camera offers feature like ​HD photos up to 16 megapixels, 20x Optical Zoom, CMOS Sensor, HD Video Recording, HDMI Connector, 3.0 Inch Clear LCD Display, Live Preview, Image Processor, Multiple Cards Support, Auto Focus, Attractive Colors and Design and much more.

Nearly all the companies are busy in producing best point and click cameras and hence giving users to choose better camera. ​Many point-and-shoot camera comes with an extra pop-up flash unit to give an extra clarity to pictures at night.

In addition, the camera also comes with in-built image and video editing ​feature. Hence, you don't need to spend more dollars to buy an photo and video editing software assuming you are on a tight budget.

Going out and forgot taking SD card with you. Now what to do in case of emergency? Point and shoot camera comes with high capacity SD card support with which you can takes more than 200s of photos and save your trip. The battery life of these types of camera is also good and can take at least 240 shots(minimum). Isn't that enough?

Investing in a top rated point-and-shoot camera will help you to capture those incredible memories in your camera.

Please don't move your camera while taking photographs while taking photographs or shooting videos, this will ruin your ability to shoot best images. People generally do this mistake and later blame camera but it's not camera fault. This is the best photography tips for beginners we can give right now.

I bet you are in love with point and shoot cameras now. So, keeping same thing in mind, let's analyse at these above described cameras deeper now.

Should I begin?...​

Best Point and Shoot Camera for the Money

#1 Canon PowerShot SX160 Point and Shoot Camera

Our first pick is Canon PowerShot SX160 digital camera which is a powerful point and shoot camera out there. The camera comes with 16x optical zoom lens with wide-angle and image stabilization zoom. "IS" or so called intelligent optical image stabilization helps to prevent blurry and dead images when zooming of lens is at its peak level.

Well, you should never use zoom feature, it KILLS the quality ​of an image, better shoot the image from nearest point of the scene and later zoom it.

The IS feature will help you to take best images during low lighting and action shots. So don't worry about the time of images capturing, just go and shoot images. The Canon PowerShot ​SX160 will take care of the rest things.

Again, the PowerShot SX160 offers HD video recording, practically 720p video, along with excellent stereo sound and provides clear audio and playback sound. It means you can enjoy the recorded video by playing it on your 3 inch LCD TV along with your family members. That's why we like to call it one of the best point and shoot video camera.

The camera is capable of taking large resolution photographs as it is provided with a 28mm wide lens. You are taking a group photo then you will not miss anyone in the frame.

When using a hand held camera, the problem of blurring in photos usually occurs. So, this is the common disadvantage of having a digital camera. So, don't worry about it.

At last, peoples are really happy when we read the reviews of peoples here. They are totally satisfied with this ​low prices yet awesome point and shoot camera. Peoples even have posted images while giving reviews, this shows that they are in the favor of this cheap camera. Thanks to PowerShot SX160 for proving itself as best canon point and shoot camera.

Next in our list is Smasung WB350F Digital Camera. Of course, we don't need to explain anything now after seeing best Samsung point and shoot camera now. So, let, take a look what is it saying here:-

#2 Samsung WB3506F Digital Camera

Samsung WB250F AIO

Do you love being on Social Media? Do you love to keep yourself connected with your friends?

Then Samsung WB350F should be ultimate choice and it can't think of any other camera right now for you.

Do you want your camera to instantly send captured snaps to your smartphone? Well, Samsung WB350F is the best point and shoot camera with WiFi support too.

So, capture the best snap and post it to social media instantly. It is equipped with a 'tag-and go' feature.​ Means, Simply pair your smartphone with the camera and once they are paired, smartphone will automatically receive all photos making it easy for you to share them online instantly.

It is not an easy part to find a small point and shoot camera with viewfinders, but Samsung WB350F has solved out this problem too. Your Samsung WB350F will be controlled by your smartphone. So, now whenever taking a group photo, the person capturing the photo don't need to worry about being excluded from the photo. Simply set the camera and capture it with smartphone from your hand. Cool, huh.

The camera features with 16.3 megapixel backside illuminated sensor and 21x zoom with wide angle lens. The sensor feature allows for quick focus so you don't miss a beat.

Unlike Canon PowerShot SX160, Samsung WB350F supports HD video recording upto 1080p resolution. A cool but less known which we liked the most is that this camera uses H.264 format to shoot videos unlike other camera which used traditional m.jpeg format so you can record longer videos now.

Screen of the camera is 3 inch and LCD Hybrid Display. ​

The capability of this camera to send pictures to four peoples simultaneously is fantastic. Not only this the certified buyers claimed that the sharing ability of Samsung Camera is awesome. Not only you can share images and videos to Facebook and YouTube respectively but it can also share them over the groups too.

Now, we have played our part to tell you each and everything about this camera. Now the decision is yours. What you want to do? But in reality, this camera is the ultimate choice of ours.

Next in the list can be only one...Sony! So, we picked Sony CyberShot DSC-WX150 after going through its features and it really impresses us.

#3 Sony CyberShot DSC-WX150 Digital Camera

Sony has been in this industry for years now and they know what their customers need! So they always comes out with some of the best featured cameras and luckily, Sony CyberShot DSC-WX150 is among them.

With an ​18.2 MP resolution of camera, it is capable of taking photographs with the speed of 10 fps.

​Sony CyberShot DSC-WX150 also features 1080p/60i full AVCHD resolution of video recorder.

The feature which is not found in other camera is its capability of shooting photographs and video recording simultaneously. Isn't that cool? It's mechanical shutter takes only takes 0.1 second to gain ultra focus resulting in capturing excellent shots.

The camera also features 10x of optical zoom which can provide upto 20x zooming power and clear image digital zoom. So you don't have to worry about its zooming capability.

Some users thought that 20x power zoom is really up to the notch. But that's not the case. Zooming photo upto 20x will not result in image distortion. So, you can enjoy the camera with your full potential taking photographs.

So taking above 3 three camera into one sentence is lot easier now.

Canon SX160 digital camera will be best if you are looking for reduced blurring by correcting ​shakiness.

Sony WX150 will fulfill your wish of shooting video and taking photographs simultaneously.​ Dual shoot capability is found in this camera only.

If you are looking for a camera that can point, shoot and share as if it were an an extension of your smartphone, the Samsung WB350F will be your best choice. 

When we were in the researching mode of finding best point and shoot cameras under $300, we were surprised to see overwhelming response from the buyers. These camera will definitely fill all your needs and give your ultimate pleasure of photography.

These high quality point and shoot cameras are capable of taking HD photographs and videos. Being so small in size, they can easily fit into your pocket, that's why it is called best point and shoot pocket camera.

#4 Nikon COOLPIX L820 Digital Camera

Nikon is a world leader in best point and shoot camera production. It has really some cool models which are best digital cameras. Out of which Nikon COOLPIX L820 is one the best choice.

COOLPIX has an outstanding​ capability of shooting Full HD videos at 1080p quality even in low light. 30x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens has both super-telephono and wide-angle capabilities. It means that Nikon best point and shoot camera can zoom in for highly detailed closeups or zoom out to bring whole scene in single photo frame.

Its 16 MP of low-light CMOS image sensor can shoot natural-looking and crisp photos at parties, concerts and more. A 3-inch LCD display helps to shoot videos and capture videos with maximum shooting comfort and speed.

So what are you waiting for, planning a trip with whole family to go out? Nikon COOLPIX L820 is just the best point and shoot camera for travel.

With shooting a 1080p high-resolution video, you can connect the camera with HDTV and enjoy the videos on you LCD television with whole family.

The camera also features a in-built mic hence allowing you to record ​videos so that you can enjoy them when your play it on TV with family.

Anyone can master with the camera in no time. Since it is a point and shoot camera, anyone can use it and take great photographs without messing up with settings. Just put the camera on Easy Auto Mode and you are good to go.

​You can select features like Selective Color, Miniature, Skin Softening and more right from the camera so you don't even need to buy an additional photo and video editing software.

Even a beginner photographer can create exceptional photos and HD videos with COOLPIX L820. A 16 MP CMOS low-light image sensor can be paired with its high-performance NIKKOR glass lens in order to give you an fantastic image quality with zooming power. The final shots taken then will impress you.

So, in word? Nikon COOLPIX L280 point and shoot camera is not like other camera here. You can clearly see the features it is offering under 300 dollars. So the final decision is yours only. Let's decide.

Meanwhile, you are making yourself more confusing one, we are moving ahead to Fujifilm FinePix S4200 Digital Camera. So, let's see how it impresses you:-​

#5 Fujifilm FinePix S4200 Digital Camera

Since Funifilm FinePix S4200 falls under $300 budget, we will expect its image quality to be average, but believe me it is best image quality point and shoot camera. Clearly, when you talk about FinePix S4200, we should be ready for exceptions.

First thing first, the FinePix S4200 is capable of taking decent image quality pictures with optical zooming features with reasonable price point.

With a 1/2.3" sensor size, it can capture fantastic and high-quality of images. As the camera is featured with 14 MP resolution, you can take good resolution images providing that 1/2.3" sensor is already there in the camera.

For context, full frame sensors are about 36 x 24 mm providing a much larger area for image capturing.

The difference between image captured in full frame sensor and a smaller frame sensor like this, is know as the crop factor. In simple words, a lower crop factor (closer to 1) is better since more of the image is being passes into the sensor.​

The FinePix S4200 supports a max ISO of 6400, which is above the average for a point and shoot camera. ISO of a camera defines sensor's sensitivity to light. The downside of taking photographs in high ISOs is that it creates noise and graininess in the images as the shutter speed is so fast and camera has to capture photo in 1/100 of a second which leads to a low-light image.

So it completely depends upon the photographer that how he uses it and takes photographs.​

The Fujifilm FinePix S4200 can record videos in full HD resolution i.e., 1080p or in simple words, 1920 X 1080p. The FinePix also supports many formats to record videos in. It allows you to record some low-resolution videos to record it for longer time.

​The FinePix S4200 has both optical zoom and digital zoom capabilities but with a fixed lens.

As the camera has both optical zoom and digital zoom capabilities, it is necessary for us to explain it to you. Basically, optical ​zoom results in a clearer photo as it uses physical lens of camera has making it natural while a digital zoom feature uses software and image processing, hence it artificially enlarge an image. Luckily, the FinePxi S4200 has got optical zoom of 24x.

Finally its weight, FinePix S4200 weighs about 15.8 ounces while an average point and shoot camera weighs only 5.82 ounces. Well, this is the only disadvantage of this camera which can lead you to take a hard decision. Otherwise, the camera is the ultimate choice to buy a best value point and shoot camera.

Last but not the least, it is Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 Digital Point and Shoot Camera. As always it is quite a hard time for us to go for a best camera as we had last choice this time, #6th one. And believe us, we have done a great job. This Panasonic Point and Shoot Camera will blow your mind and make you to buy this camera. Let's see what happens.

#6 Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 Digital Camera

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-F270 is a bridge-style point-and-shoot camera with 16.1 MP High Sensitivity BSI MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor. The zoom action is smooth and provides minimal steps along way. The stabilizer of Lumix DMC-F270 is most effective.

Lumix DMC-F270 is also capable of ​recording full HD 1080p or 1920 x 1080p of video.

Well ISO quality is also unbelievable which varies between ISO 100-3200 which can further be expanded to ISO 6400.

Image capturing speed is much more impressive to us as it can record up to 9 fps (frame per second​) in a 3-shot burst, 5 fps with one-shot AF anf 2 fps with continuous AF.

​The camera provides a 35mm-equivalent focal lenth range of 20-1200mm due to in-built Lumix DC Vario 60x optical zoom. 

Full HD video of 1080p at 60 fps is supported in high-quality AVCHD codec. It is well benefited with a WindShield Zoom Microphone and Dolby Digital Audio Quality allowing better sound recording during video recording.

Video recording is made fantastic with an addition in in-built microphone. Hence, you can record high-quality video during video recording at wedding, birthday party or concert.​

To increase its productivity, the company has facilitated it with external flash and an HDMI port for linking camera to a HDTV for image playback.

With an 3" 460k-dot LCD display and a 0.2"​ 202k-dot electronic viewfinder, the image monitoring and playback are well controlled and helps in taking good photographs and locating the camera device.

It took two seconds to power up and to take first shot. Following same speed, we can mark it as fastest point and shoot camera.

As stated above, another spec to die for is a 9fps continuous shooting rate at full resolution in a 3-shot burst.

These are fine details for Panasonic Lumix DMC-F270 point and shoot digital camera.

Final Thought:-

Choosing an Smart Point and Shoot camera under $300 was not an easy task for us. But being in this industry and a passionate photographer, we had to come out with best digital camera for the money. So, It's your decision now that how you want to go with our best picked cameras.

Well, We'are happy to see you till here. It requires a lot of patience to read any article till the end and you did it.

So, thanks a lot for sharing your valuable time with us. You are awesome. Thanks a lot again. Bye :D.

Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $300 Of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide
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