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8 Best Office Productivity Apps 2022


Creative developers have designed a myriad of apps to help you convert your Smartphone or tablet into a useful personal assistant. While day-to-day office operations will drain your mental energy, these apps, called productivity apps are designed to help you ease your office work for smooth-flowing, faster work experience. Below is a list of the best office applications to take your productivity to the next level:

#1 Sodapdf

Soda pdf is one of the most reputable software for editing, manipulating, and securing your business PDFs. With this application, you can create and read your PDFs in 3D or convert any files to and from PDFs; PPT, DOCX, JPG, etc.

#2 Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular notebook apps. With Evernote, you can quickly jot down and save any ideas that hit you in the field. You can also save a note as a picture or voice note. Using tags, you can quickly categorize your notes for faster access, drag other files or scan any documents that you need.

The Evernote web clipper can also help you clip online references and content for future use. This amazing app is free for core functions, but only $7.99/month for up to 10GB uploads, offline notes, and business card scanners.

#3 HelloSign

HelloSign is an application that helps you sign all important correspondence electronically. No need to print; just draw your signature on the app or let it generate a signature for you from your name. Another fantastic feature that HelloSign offers is the ability to create and save templates for the documents you use most to save you time.

You can also integrate your e-mail account so that you can sign correspondence from your inbox then send it. HelloSign offers you three free signed documents per month; otherwise, they have a $15 monthly package for unlimited signed documents.

#4 Pixir

If you are looking for a simple, user-friendly application to edit some photos; maybe brighten or improve contrast? Then Pixir is your best bet; with it, you can sharpen, crop, blur, and heal pictures, and even add a sticker. If you want a photo for your Instagram marketing campaign, Pixir has got you covered. Its core features are available for free, but if you want Photoshop-style tools like layers and history, opt for Pixir Pro for $5/month.

#5 Wunderlist

This app is the best for managing both your to-do list for work and personal chores. With Wunderlist, you can make a list of your responsibilities as they crop up during the day, so you do not forget them.

#6 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the app of choice for you if you want to grow your professional network. This social network has over 20 million users from diverse industries looking to interact with other professionals in their field.

#7 Cisco WebEx

WebEx Connect, Meeting Center, Sales Center, Meet Me Now, WebOffice and PC now are but a few of the exceptional services offered by tech giant Cisco to make it easy for you to video and web-conference.

#8 eSign Genie

eGenie is one of the best digital signature solutions in the market. Being a leading electronic signature software, you can sign documents online and close important deals easily, quickly and securely. 

With eSign Genie, you can set up reusable document templates and send them to multiple parties in a few clicks.

#9 Signaturely

The easiest way to get documents signed online is surely with Signaturely. If your goal is to work more efficiently and faster, then this eSignature solution is right for you. Signature is an online legally binding signature creator for people who want to keep it simple. Give it a try for free.

#10 Adobe Acrobat

If you’re looking for a document management program that can do it all, Adobe Acrobat is for you. This well-known software allows users to view, create, edit, and print PDF files. It’s simple to navigate and can be used across desktop, mobile, and web, so users have the flexibility to work from anywhere.


These apps will help you ease and speed up your daily tasks, not to mention the convenience their functionality brings.

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