4 Best Methods to Take A Screenshot on Lenovo ThinkPad, Yoga, and More?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’re using your Lenovo laptop and thought, “I wish I could save this on my screen right now“? Yep, we’re talking about taking a screenshot! Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before or if you’re unsure about the steps. I’ve got your back!

In this super easy-to-follow guide, we’re gonna learn step-by-step how to take screenshots on your Lenovo laptop. And hey, guess what? I’ve also added some cool tips and tricks to make it a piece of cake for you! So, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve done this a bunch of times, there’s something here for everyone.

How to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop

Okay, so you’ve got your Lenovo laptop in front of you, and you want to capture what’s on the screen. There are four super cool methods to do this! Let me break it down for you.

1. The Snazzy Snipping Tool Shortcut 🖌

This is a built-in tool that lets you pick a part of your screen and snap a picture of it. Cool, right?

2. Just Press the Print Screen Key 🖨

On your keyboard, there’s a key that says “PrtSc” or “Print Screen”. Give it a tap! It’s like the camera button for your screen.

3. Two Keys are Better than One: Windows Logo + Print Screen 🖥 + 🖨

Hold down the Windows logo key (it looks like four squares) and while you’re holding it, tap the Print Screen key. This combo saves the screenshot for you!

4. The Super Cool Snipping Tool App 📱

This app is like the shortcut, but it’s an entire app dedicated to screenshots. It’s great for capturing specific parts of your screen.

How to take a screenshot with the Snipping Tool shortcut in Windows 10 and 11

Ready to snap that screen? Let’s get started!


  1. Let’s Press Some Keys Together! 🎹
    Press the Windows logo key + Shift + S. When you do, you’ll see a neat little menu pop up at the top middle of your screen.
  2. Pick Your Snipping Style 🎨
    By default, it’s set to “Rectangular snip” – this means you draw a rectangle around what you want to capture. But hey, you’ve got options! You can also choose:
    • Freeform snip: Draw any shape you like around the thing you want to screenshot.
    • Window snip: Click on a window or box to capture just that.
    • Fullscreen snip: Snap! You’ve captured everything on your screen.
  3. Capture and Share! 📸
    After you snip, the screenshot is saved somewhere special called the ‘clipboard’. A cool little notification will pop up, letting you edit and share your fresh screenshot!

Quick Recap on Snipping Modes:

  • Rectangular snip: Draw a neat rectangle around what you want.
  • Freeform snip: Get creative and draw any shape around your pick.
  • Window snip: Just want one window? Click on it!
  • Fullscreen snip: Get everything in one big shot!

How to take a screenshot using the Print Screen key

Just one button and you’re set!


  1. Press That Key! 🎹
    Tap the Print Screen (or ‘prt sc’) key. Yep, just that one button!
  2. The Clipboard’s Got Your Back! 📋
    Like before, your screenshot is saved to the clipboard. And guess what? A notification pops up to help you edit and share!
  3. Sharing is Caring! 💙
    Want to paste your screenshot somewhere? Just press Ctrl + V, and voilà!

A Little Tip for You:

Sometimes, the Print Screen key is a bit shy and needs a little push. You can make it always ready by going to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard. Find the option that says “Use the Print screen button to open screen snipping” and switch it ‘On’. If you don’t have a Print Screen key, no worries! The other methods we talked about will still work like a charm.🌟

How to take a screenshot using the Windows logo key + Print Screen key

There’s a super shortcut to take a screenshot of your entire screen in a blink!


  1. Press ‘Em Together! 🎹
    Hold down the Windows logo key (yup, the one with four squares) and while you’re at it, hit the Print Screen key.
  2. Snap, It’s Done! 📸
    The moment you press the keys, a screenshot of your whole screen is taken. Magic, right?
  3. Where’s My Screenshot? 🧐
    The screenshot isn’t just floating in space! It’s neatly saved in a special place on your computer: C:UsersyourusernamePicturesScreenshots. Plus, it’s also on that handy clipboard we talked about.

How to take a screenshot with the Snipping Tool app

There’s a whole app on your computer just waiting to help you take the perfect screenshot!


  1. Let’s Search! 🔍
    Hit that Windows Start key (yep, the one with the cute little four squares) and start typing ‘snipping‘.
  2. Pick the App!
    You’ll see the Snipping Tool pop up in the list. Give it a click!
  3. Shape Your Screenshot 🎨
    The Snipping Tool app will swing open, and now you get to decide what shape you want your screenshot to be.
  4. Snap Away! 📸
    Once you’re all set, press ‘New‘. And there you go! Another cool screenshot in the bag.
  5. Clipboard’s Calling! 📋
    Like our other methods, this screenshot is also saved to the clipboard. And remember that handy pop-up? It’s back to help you edit and share your masterpiece.

Where are screenshots saved on Lenovo?

So, you’ve taken some cool screenshots on your Lenovo laptop. Awesome! Now you might be wondering, “Where did they go?“. No worries, I’ve got the answers for you.

1. Using the Power Combo: Windows Logo Key + Print Screen Key 🌟

When you press these two keys together:

  • Snap! 📸 Your entire screen is captured.
  • Where does it go? 🗂 The screenshot automatically finds a cozy spot in this folder: C:UsersyourusernamePicturesScreenshots.
  • Bonus! 📋 The screenshot is also copied to the clipboard, ready for you to paste anywhere.

2. Just the Print Screen Key 🖨

If you tap only this key:

  • Gotcha! 📸 Your screen’s image is captured.
  • Where is it? 🤷 The screenshot is chilling on the clipboard, waiting for you. It’s like taking a photo with a camera but not printing it out. You need to paste it (like in a document or image editor) and then save it to keep it forever.

Snipping Tool keyboard shortcuts

Snipping Keys Key Description
Alt + C Copy the snip to the clipboard.
Alt + M Select a snipping mode.
Alt + N Repeat the same snip as last time.
Alt + D Delay the snip capture by 1 – 5 seconds.
Shift + arrow keys Select different types of snips.
Ctrl + S Save the screenshot snip.

How to screenshot on Lenovo laptop without Print Screen button

Lost the Print Screen button? No problem! There are other cool ways to capture your screen.

  1. The Windows Shortcut Method
    • Just press the Windows logo key + Shift + S.
    • (Pssst! We chatted about this in option 1 above.)
  2. The Browser Buddy: Firefox 🦊
    • Step 1: Right-click with your mouse to summon a little pop-up menu.
    • Step 2: Choose ‘Take Screenshot‘. Now, pick the area of the screen you want to capture.
    • Step 3: Decide where you’d like to save your shiny new screenshot.

How to screenshot on Lenovo laptop Chromebook

Chromebooks have their own cool screenshot secrets!

  1. For Fullscreen Magic 🌌
    • Press Ctrl + the Show Windows key. This key’s usually partying at the top row of your keyboard.
  2. For a Piece of the Picture 🖼
    • Press Ctrl + Shift + the Show Windows key. This combo lets you capture just a piece of your screen.
    • And guess what? After you snap the screenshot, a little message pops up at the bottom right saying, ‘Screenshot taken‘.
    • Click on this message if you want to view, copy, or save your screenshot.
  3. Where’s My Screenshot? 🧐
    • All your screenshots hang out in a folder called ‘Files‘.
    • To visit them, click on the ‘Launcher‘ icon (it’s chilling in the lower left of the taskbar).

How to take a screenshot – Summary

Alright, recap time! Taking screenshots might seem techie, but it’s actually a breeze. Here’s a quick summary of the methods we talked about:

  1. Windows Shortcut Magic: Press the Windows logo key + Shift + S to quickly capture whatever’s on your screen.
  2. Browser Buddy, Firefox: Right-click and pick ‘Take Screenshot‘ to grab a snapshot of any webpage you’re on.
  3. Lenovo Chromebook Style:
    • For the entire screen: Ctrl + Show Windows key.
    • Just a piece: Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows key.
  4. Lenovo Laptop (without Print Screen): Just go the Windows shortcut route or use Firefox.

Wrapping It Up! 🎁🌟

Taking screenshots is more than a tech trick; it’s a way to capture, remember, and share moments from our digital lives. Whether it’s for work, school, or those quirky internet finds, knowing how to screenshot empowers you to keep what’s important. With the methods we’ve explored, you’re now equipped for any scenario. So, next time something catches your eye on the screen, you won’t just see it—you’ll snap it! Dive in, practice, and happy screenshotting! 🖥📸🚀

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